Hello and welcome

29 Jul

I’m getting married… but I think maybe you’d guessed that already. I’m excited. And yes, I’m having a wedding.

Let me stop you right here lest you misunderstand. I have apps on my phone, and account on message boards. I am planning, and sharing, and squeeing with all the other brides and I’m loving every minute of it. These ladies are fantastic and have never, not once ever, made me feel like an outcast.

However, the fact remains that I’m older than most of them and there is one key difference in our lives. I’ve done this all before.

Yes, there are places for the likes of me to go, but I don’t want to be confined to spaces just for encore brides like me. My event, my planning, my wedding is just as important and exciting and fresh as any 24 year old’s who is heading down the aisle for their first and only time. My mistakes and history don’t warrant my being contained in a little corner.

So yes, I’m going to have a wedding, and a cake, and flowers, and music. There will be invites and Save the Dates (which have the funniest acronym EVER) and details. And dammit, I’m going to have a poofy dress.

And what I want to do is invite you to come with me. If it’s your first time down the aisle, your second, or even third and beyond! It makes no difference here. We are all brides and we are all moving to our happily ever afters, no matter what those look like. And this space here will be safe for all of us to mingle, play and talk. And of course, I will share every gory detail of my own journey as well.


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