In the beginning…

29 Jul
Once upon a time...

In a not-so-far-away place... (Click for source.)

So it all started when Mr. Lox and I decided to move in together. There was some hemming and hawing. There was some ironing out of details. And there was some talk about what it all meant. I may be an enlightened modern woman, but I’m not going to just shack up with a man forever and be content. So while I wasn’t pushing for diamonds and promises immediately, the move was made with the understanding that neither was actually far off.

And so we picked out the apartment of our dreams and moved. In the middle of a snowstorm. Well, not everything can be perfect, now can it?

Lots of cursing, expenses, and one ruined coffee table later, Mr. Lox and I were officially shacking up. And all was well. Angels sang and light rained down on our abode from above. Perhaps there were even rainbows. Or something. At any rate, the two of us and my psychotic little cat were all getting along beautifully. And that, of course, is when it happened.

One of my friends got engaged. Now, this may seem like an irrelevant fact. Or you might actually be a woman and know exactly what happened next. Suffice it to say a wee bit too much wine was consumed one night and I blurted out to Mr. Lox that my friend got engaged. Then I attempted to stare him down, which could only have been hilarious given my slightly intoxicated state. Mr. Lox issued forth an extremely unsatisfying answer, and then there were a few weeks of sadness. I pined away, thinking of my newly engaged friend’s super wonderful life but saying nothing, and Mr. Lox  watched me sigh and stare off into the distance without the slightest clue anything was going on. This proceeded for a couple of weeks until I was acting completely irrationally over something one day and Mr. Lox finally just asked what the hell was wrong with me.

Poor dude. The next thing he knew I was rambling on about not wanting to just live together forever and wanting a diamond that would make my friends drool. And before he could reverse the cycle, we were going ring shopping.

Now lest you think Mr. Lox has been unfairly bullied into making the largest mistake of his life, he now admits the process was likely only accelerated a month or two. And he does in fact want to marry me even when he’s not trying to tell me something just to shut me up. And we are completely googly-eyed over each other.

So there you have it. Every good story starts somewhere and this is where mine got going. Where did your story start?


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