Wedding Head

2 Aug

So with just over nine months to go and tons of planning yet to do, I have a major cause of what I call Wedding Head.

It’s like medicine head. You know, that weird feeling you get on cold meds? Where you’re slightly detached from everything and you have a hard time concentrating? You feel disconnected and fuzzy and your brain just kind of swirls? Yeah, it’s like that. But instead of being fuzzed out on medication, I’m constantly disoriented by the number of wedding thoughts rolling around in my brain.

Should I bother finding a florist in advance since we want so little from them? Music? Don’t even get me started on the music… that’s a post unto itself right there. Centerpieces? Should I buy vases in bulk before I’m sure my idea will work? Should I try to incorporate flowers? Should they be real? Now we’re back to the florist for those of you following along here. And jewelry! And something borrowed! And what time should I have the photographer come? And I really love photobooths but can I really afford one? And what do you mean I’m supposed to be working? How can I work WHEN THIS ALL NEEDS TO GET DONE???????

Yes, welcome to my Wedding Head. It’s a fun place to be… or something. So what about you? Did you get wedding head? How did you deal with it?

PS – I tried so hard to get a picture of medicine head but it seems there is a band by the same name and that just went horribly awry. Just thought you should know.


2 Responses to “Wedding Head”

  1. sara August 3, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    Hey lady! I just found your blog over on WB and thought I’d drop by. Your wedding is nine months away, and while I don’t know how big the wedding will be and whatnot I will tell you think, if you need to, take a break from wedding planning. I did that last year and was SO happy to not have that stuff on my mind–oh, because we were buying a home that’s why. My wedding is in 33 days, holy cow! Just a few things:
    Florist: That can wait a little time, really nail it down around 6 months or so or even less.
    Photographer coming early: Don’t worry about that right now, the timeline will come together as the wedding is MUCH closer and you’ll discuss that with him/her and stuff—put that on the backburner.
    Centerpieces: I really really wanted real sunflowers. They are in season BUT the logistics of getting them shipped to the house, hydrated, prepped and just arranging them I decided I didn’t want to mess with it. The day before the wedding I don’t want to be slaving over projects when I have family who came from out of town and would rather spend time with—SO, we are doing silk sunflowers for centerpieces and lots of candles but my bouquet and FI’s bout are coming from the florist. Silks can be awesome, just got to look. Use coupons and attack the sales at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s–they will be your friends if you decide to go that route.

    Okay, sorry, off my box here but just wanted to give my two cents to a bride because I remembered what it was like back at nine months–I was stressed way too much.

  2. Sara August 3, 2010 at 11:29 am #

    Oh and my wedding blog is 🙂

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