It’s a date?

6 Aug

After we got engaged, Mr. Lox and I were just kind of confused. You would think that having both done this before we would have been more prepared. Alas, you would think wrong. What really happened was just… well… confusion.

We had to figure out exactly how we wanted to do this thing. And then we had to figure out when. And somehow, both of our experienced selves believed we had time to make these decisions. We were utterly unprepared for what would happen next. (And yet somehow I think all of you are going to see this one coming. Shame on us!)

Flipping calendar pages.

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Every single time we excitedly announced our engagement to family, friends, or co-workers? We were met with a solid wall of questions! And the most prevalent and unfailingly the first one was “When’s the wedding?” To which there was no earthly answer. I developed a shield of smiling beautifully and telling the asker that we had to figure out what kind of wedding we were having and how much it was going to cost first! Amusingly, that stopped most of the followup questions right in their tracks. However, you would be shocked at how many people will continue on to the baby questions next. It was as if they were determined to make me give a straight answer to something. Sadly, that didn’t end well for them.

What it did make us both realize was that setting a date was apparently the first order of business. Mr. Lox immediately proposed October 2010 as a reasonable timeframe. He was so sweet and innocent. And so utterly unprepared for my reaction, which went something like this: WHATDOYOUMEANYOUWANTMETOPLANAWEDDINGINFIVEMONTHS??? The poor man muttered something about not wanting to make me wait too long and made puppy dog eyes. I waved my arms and stammered on about finding venues and ordering a dress. He relented and told me to pick a date. I promptly did.

We started with the one year anniversary of the date we got engaged. That was Saturday May 8th, 2010 so it would fall on a Sunday in 2011. It was meant to be, clearly. Right up until I realized that it was also Mother’s Day. Insert the sound of screeching brakes here. That really was going to happen, but now I was in love with the idea of a May wedding. And so it was that I compromised by finding another suitable weekend day in May 2011. We had a date!

After that things went better. Neither one of us wanted to go to the courthouse. And Mr. Lox quickly nixed the idea of a destination wedding for just the two of us with an at home reception. So we decided to get married in one of our favorite restaurants with a relatively smallish guest list (50ish folks). Done and done. That is, until I realized everything else there still was to do!

So tell me, how did you pick your date? Does it mean something special to you?


2 Responses to “It’s a date?”

  1. Geraldine August 11, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    I agree with you about picking a date that is meaningful! Afterall, it’s a day that you will be recognizing for many years (HOPEFULLY!) and it’s one of the occassions that you actually have control over the date.

    I am getting married on 10.10.10 (so soon eeek!), and I think the #s with this date pretty much speak for themselves! I don’t know why I was so insistent on getting married on a triple # date…but once I realized that it was a possibility, I refused to let any other day be my anniversary date 🙂

    When my fiancee and I created our wedding registry on, we used their free eCard service to create online Save The Date cards…and I must say, I loved how “10.10.10” looked on our announcements! I don’t think anyone will be able to forget our anniversary…

    • Encore Bride August 11, 2010 at 5:34 pm #

      I love the triple # dates! I was MOH for a friend who got married on 08.08.08. I keep trying to tell Mr. Encore that our date is cool because it’s 5.15.11. Yeah…. he’s not buying it either.

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