Confession of a Non-Crafter

9 Aug

I consider myself to be a creative person. I always have. However, I have learned over time that creative does NOT equal crafty. This has been a lifelong lesson for me, taught by heartbreak after heartbreak as I mess up crafts and see all my pretty visions smashed to pieces. Seriously ya’ll, I am a crafting fail. This is something I’ve come to accept about myself and just move on from it. Well, until now.

Now I’m on wedding blogs a lot. I’m looking around for fun, inexpensive ideas for our wedding. I’m trying to find pretty things that won’t cost us an arm and a leg. It’s a job. It’s a big job. And I’ve been working hard on it like the incredibly Type A bride that I am. But what happens is that I constantly see these awesome ideas….. for crafts. These days you ladies are DIY (do it yourself) divas. I am constantly impressed by all of the awesome things I see people making. You probably see what is coming here…

And now I want to DIY stuff for my own wedding. For a multitude of reasons. Because it can save money. Because it can insert personality into our day. Because it can be fun. Because we can create something that is uniquely us and that we and our guests will remember for a long time. And because it can save money. (Yes, I said it twice. Because the money is rapidly becoming a HUGE deal!)

DIY Supplies

Photo by yours truly - Supplies by Michaels and Dollar Tree

So I am now inviting you into something that has a high potential to be a trainwreck. Sit back, put up your feet, and prepare to laugh as I forget all of life’s lessons and attempt to craft. Oh yes, I have DIY projects up my sleeve and I am ready to share it with you, dear readers. Come and hope for my successes. Come laugh at my failures. Come along for the trainwrecky ride as I attempt to DIY decorations and so forth for my own wedding. It’s sure to be an interesting ride.

And while you’re here, why not tell me about your own crafty habits? Are you a crafty person? Or are you a DIY virgin like me just trying to make your way through? What did you decide to make for your wedding any why?


3 Responses to “Confession of a Non-Crafter”

  1. peachyplum August 9, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    That spread is so colorful! And full of various medias! I love it! I absolutely love arts & crafts, I was the go-to girl at summer camp when various counselors needed ideas for their kids.Once my date isn’t some obscure concept (May 2012 wedding) I’ll be creating like crazy. Good luck chica!


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