Blowing the Budget (except not really)

11 Aug

So, I think I’ve mentioned before that we’re on a budget here, right? I mean, we’re funding this shindig ourselves and all things wedding are unaccountably expensive. So yes, the money… she is tight. Which makes the next thing I’m about to say make absolutely no sense.

I hired another vendor. A not entirely necessary vendor. A vendor who does, in fact, charge money. That’s right, I hired a Day of Coordinator!

Now, before you think I’ve lost my very last marble, let me explain. It was 9 months before our wedding and already, I knew that there is tons of set up to do before the ceremony. Then there will be decorations to herd from the ceremony location (errrr, side of the restaurant) to the reception location (other side of the restaurant). There will be things to force on explain to the guests. There will be details to manage. I was starting to get dizzy thinking of how to do as much as possible myself and who I was going to ask to manage those details which cannot be managed solely by me. It was stressing me out. NINE MONTHS IN ADVANCE.

Frazzled Bride

This will not be me. Click for source.

So I said to myself… “Self? If this is bothering you this much now, how bad will it actually be by the time the wedding gets here?” Myself made some discouraging faces and odd clucking sounds. Then I thought about how our timeline would work and who would tell the guests where to go and when, and how I would know my cake was on the right table… and I knew myself was right. It was time to hire someone to manage my details.

So what does this mean? It means I will still be picking vendors and coming up with sparkly ideas for our day. I will still attempt to wield a glue gun. I will still stress over music selections. But on the day of my wedding? Someone else will tend to those details. Someone else will make up a timeline and make everyone adhere to it. Someone else will make sure the cake looks right. (Ask me someday about the cake at my first wedding… I dare you!) Someone else will tell people to sign the guestbook. And me myself and I will be free as a bird to enjoy my day.

At least, that’s how it goes in my head. Hopefully the recommendation I got for this woman and the check wrote her will ensure that I’m right.

Has anyone else hired a Day of Coordinator? If not, did you wish you had? Or are you still going to (or not)? Tell me about it.


One Response to “Blowing the Budget (except not really)”

  1. Cheryl August 12, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    Ughh I want to soo bad. I totally understand where you’re coming from – and I do NOT want any stress on my wedding day. I mean, common. They need to give us brides a break. We’ve spent the last x number of days/months stressing about the wedding, so we should enjoy ourselves on the actual day.

    Unfortunately it’s really not in our budget. Yet. We’ll see, but I doubt it 😦

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