Madness Ensues

12 Aug

I blame Miss Cardigan for what I am about to tell you. Oh yes, so suggestible am I that she has imprinted a single image in my head. An image that cannot be shaken. Now I am only seeing cute little paper balls.

Mr. Lox finds this amusing. He came home from a late night at the office to me making faces and exclaiming “Look at these!” Well,  I mean look at them…

Little paper laterns

Click for source

I mean, seriously, who could resist? Apparently not Mr. Lox. He promptly started talking me into making them. I tried to fight it. What would we do with them I said? He insisted we could use them. For what, I asked?For anything! Garlands around the house! Tiny paper lanterns with lights inside! Wedding decorations!

Who am I kidding? He had me at anything. Now, will he be so keen on the idea when he figures out it means another trip to Michael’s…?

Have you ever made something without knowing how you’d use it? Or is there a time and place for everything you make?


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