Up up up and away!

15 Aug

So one Friday night, Mr. Lox and I went to our venue for dinner. This is entirely possible since our venue was one of our favorite restaurants, by the way. Anyway, the more I thought about wedding things, the more questions I had. And I was torn between looking like a crazy bride, and wanting answers so I could calm down a bit. Mr. Lox took it into his own hands and sent the owner some questions which we all discussed over dessert.

Some of the answers were very calming, some surprised me. More on that later. But one of the questions we asked was if there are any restrictions on what we can do to decorate. And the answer was…. no.  The owner immediately started talking about hanging things from the ceiling. The ceiling! I mean, the ceiling? Dear hive, I had never thought of this before. The ceiling of the restaurant is all exposed pipes, ducts, and beams but painted a uniform eggplant color. Suddenly I was thinking of fabric, and paper ball garland, and paper lanterns! This was a whole realm of things I had never considered!

So now I am obsessed with decorating the ceiling in our venue. I’ve been scouring the internet for pictures of things like these:

Paper lanterns and parasols

Click for source

Pink paper lanterns in a cluster

Click for source

More paper lanterns

Click for source

These seem to be all paper lanterns, but I’m totally up for other ideas as well. So long as they don’t require an electrical outlet and can easily be done by my Day of Coordinator before the ceremony. So tell me, did you decorate the ceiling of your venue or will you? What will it look like?


One Response to “Up up up and away!”

  1. jacin September 2, 2010 at 9:39 pm #

    i am in the process of this as we speak! i’m leaning towards the tissue pom poms (http://jacinandpat.blogspot.com/2010/06/paper-lanterns.html) but still not sure. i need to make up my mind soon, though, because the wedding is coming up fast!!

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