A box of rocks

17 Aug

This is when you know your wedding has made you somewhat insane.

I got home from work one day and Mr. Lox pointed to the kitchen counter and said “You have a package!” Now, I am roughly the equivalent of a 5 year old about packages in the mail. They are BIG FUN. And this one was especially fun because I had no idea what was in it! So Mr. Lox watched me prance into the kitchen like a little girl on Christmas morning. I had no idea what it was at all… until Mr. Lox said “Try picking it up.” Then I knew. These were……

My rocks!

Box of Rocks

Yes, it really is a box full of rocks.

3 kinds of rocks

See, three kinds of them!

I bet you’re wondering why I’m so excited over a box of rocks. And while I admit, I may be a little insane, I have a good reason. These are being used in our ceremony. As each guest comes in, they will be asked to take a stone before they go to their seats. So when the ceremony starts, it will be a room full of people looking at us and holding these stones. Then our lovely officiant will say something like this:

“When you arrived today, each of you was given a small stone.  As you witness their ceremony, your love and good wishes for Mr. Lox and Ms. Lox will be absorbed by the stone you hold. They will collect and keep these good wishes in their home, and so we ask you to write something on them for the couple and deposit them in the basket on the gift table.”

Which brings me to my next point, these stones are for writing on! Each bag came with a silver metallic pen specifically so people can write on them. So after holding throughout the ceremony, afterwards guests will be directed back to the table where they got them and asked to write something and then leave them for us. How sweet is that?

Close up of stones

Now, imagine writing on these in silver.

This was totally our officiant’s idea and in fact, one of the reasons I had to hire her. I love it! So, what are you doing to make your ceremony special? Do you have any personal touches?

(All photos courtesy of yours truly.)


3 Responses to “A box of rocks”

  1. Emily August 19, 2010 at 10:35 pm #

    I just love this idea. How wonderful to have all those rocks full of the positive energy of your guests with wonderful words of wishes, love and inspiration written on them.

  2. jacin September 2, 2010 at 9:32 pm #

    my cousin did this too, but it’s an irish stone blessing and they threw all the stones and wishes in to a pond, with their blessing for the couple. it was very neat.

    we are actually using sea stones for our placecards!


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    […] at least two components for our ceremony that I was flat out in love with. One of which being the stones I’ve talked about before. So we got home, signed the contract, and snatched her up before anyone else had the chance. It was […]

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