The DIY Begins

21 Aug

So I wanted to start off with something I knew I could actually do. And I have this vision of escort cards like this bride made for her wedding:

Escort Cards

Click for source

As you may have spotted in my original DIY confession, I bought a daisy shaped paper punch on one of my Micael’s runs. I started with that punch and some cardstock in pink, orange and yellow.

Starting the flowers

Let the punching begin!

Then with a trusty glue stick and some rhinestones, I turned that into these:

First flowers!

Look Mom, I made something!

And from there, I went on to make these:

Army of Flowers

I did it!

Okay, I admit it. I knew I could conquer this project. That’s why I tackled it first. I needed success from something I understood before I was willing to attack the idea in my head that I had never, in fact, seen in reality before. (More on that later, I promise.)  So this was my confidence builder. How did you start your DIY projects? Did you ramp up slowly to build confidence, or did you jump right in with both feet?


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