Not what I meant to say today

25 Aug

So I had this grand plan today. We were supposed to visit another venue so we could make a decision on whether to stick with our original choice (and get a contract so we’re safe) or switch it to something else entirely. I was pretty excited about it. But the place we were supposed to be visiting called me this afternoon and asked if we could reschedule.

Actually it’s a pretty big relief. Our household is a bit upside down right now because I’m having some weird medical issue. I’ve lost quite a bit of hearing in my right ear and have nearly constant ringing in it. I’m also having a persistent low grade fever and a host of other freakish symptoms. On top of it all, today I had an allergic reaction to the medicine they game me in a vain attempt to clear up my mystery ear issue. So I’ve baffled all of my doctors, I feel like poo, and I have a pretty freaky rash on the back of my neck. That’s right, I’m a hot mess.

Mr. E is glad I’m at home right now and resting so I guess all is well. We and a growing team of doctors are working on my mystery diagnosis. I’m kind of miserable but I’m pretty sure I’m not knocking on heaven’s door or anything crazy like that. Have no fear, I will continue to pester you with wedding details. Since I’m trapped at home and ordered onto strict couch rest, I have plenty of time to share DIY projects and generally harrass you, my dear readers.

And I rescheduled the venue visit for Sunday so there is that to look forward to as well. šŸ˜‰


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