Venue Saga Continues

31 Aug

So, I finally have an update on the continuing saga of me and my venue. If you recall, in our last installment I was sick and our venue consultation meeting had been postponed. All caught up? Yeah, I know… it really didn’t take much. So anyway, here we go.

By the way, I’m still sick. But seriously, about the venue…

We had our consultation meeting with the potential new venue on Sunday morning. It was a little hectic as the place was cleaning up from a wedding the night before and also preparing for a private dinner party that night. But in between all the rearranging and checking out and such, we had our meeting.

The venue itself is a bed and breakfast in a quaint little town between a river and the bay. It is picturesque and adorable and has a nice cross breeze. The B&B is actually a historic mansion and two additional guest houses. And among those buildings there is also a gazebo area and lovely permanent pavilion structure. This is the point where I am forced to admit that I am a bad (and did I mention sick?) blogger who did not in fact have her camera at the ready. However, I am more than happy to provide you with stock photos from their website. Like this:

Gazebo set up for ceremony

Now *that's* an aisle. Click for source.

Pavilion Pics

Isn't it pretty? Click for source.

Our ceremony will take place in the gazebo area, weather permitting. In case of rain? The pavilion it is! No problemo. From there we will have a cocktail hour on the front porch of the mansion, and then the rest of the reception including dinner and dancing in the pavilion.

Okay, I couldn’t find a picture of just the porch. But it was big. And porchy. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.

The best part of the day was actually after we left the B&B to scout out a picture spot we’d found in their materials. There is a sweet little lighthouse less than a minute’s drive from the B&B. A lighthouse! And water! And a promenade! As we were exploring all the places we could have pictures, Mr. Lox knew we were about to switch venues. Mostly because I kept exclaiming “Can’t you just imagine how pretty this would be?” or “Look over here, this would be perfect!” and so on and so forth. By the time we finally headed for home, he knew there was very little he could do to stop this runaway train. And the great news is that he didn’t want to anyway. This is the place we’d have planned to have our wedding all along if we hade realized we could have it in our budget. Now that we know we can? It’s a done deal. We got the contractthe same day as our visit and are mailed our deposit the very next day.

That’s right, and we have a contract. A genuine piece of paper which will have signatures and be legally binding. I can store it in my little wedding folder and email a copy off to my Day of Coordinator and all can be right with the world again. As it should be. And I’m getting married there!

My DOC is happy, our wallets are happy, and it’s a happy happy place in the Lox household. It is perhaps happiest place on earth minus a few mice. (I hope.) For reals.

So now that my drama is drawing to a close, tell me about your own venue search. Did you always know where you would have your big day? Was your search more difficult? Or maybe even there’s someone out there like me who changed it up and couldn’t be happier?


2 Responses to “Venue Saga Continues”

  1. Laura September 1, 2010 at 11:12 am #

    That venue is really pretty! Congrats on finding a venue–one huge step out of the way!!

    We stumbled across our venue actually..I was planning an event for my alumni association and we had already been ring shopping. I asked my fiance if he thought I should get price quotes for weddings if I found something I liked while planning this other event. We found something QUICK and went to an open hour and FELL IN LOVE. He was ready to throw the credit card down right then and there! We booked it a week later and then got engaged 2 weeks after that. HA! We work a little backwards, but when you know it’s the venue, YOU KNOW!

    • Encore Bride September 2, 2010 at 9:07 pm #

      Venue hunting is like wabbit hunting. You must be vewy vewy qwiet and sneak up on em! Good job. 😉

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