I am not a llama

2 Sep

(And isn’t that good to know? But I digress.)

So with our venue saga at last resolved,  I thought I’d take an opportunity to point out that I am not a constant drama llama.

Hello my name is Alex... and I am a DRAMA LLAMA.

And no, my name is NOT Alex. Click for source.

So right, onto a vendor we booked easily. Our officiant.

Now, I know so far this blog has been about paper flowers, craft supplies, and having an aisle to walk down. In fact, when I put it that way, I’m not at all proud of myself. Not even a little. I mean, yes… I want our wedding and subsequent party to be beautiful and memorable. But my single biggest priority, the one thing I’ve cared about above all others? Is the ceremony.

Now let’s stop and have a few facts about me. I’m a sucker for all weddings. Traditional vows, bridal marches, and father/daughter dances make me cry. But so do quirky additions, touches that have meaning to a couple, and personalized ceremonies. Silly readings, funny vows, ceremony components I’ve never seen before, and oh my the nontraditional music! I swoon. In fact lately, I’ve been crying over pop music string quartet samples on the internet. But that, my friends, is a story for another day. Back to ceremonies.

I knew from the very start that I wanted ours to be unique to us and to have special meaning. While traditional vows are gorgeous and super-rich in meaning, I wanted to stray off the beaten path. And if you add in the fact that I’ve said the traditional vows before, maybe it’s not so hard to understand. So Mr. Lox and I scoured through officiants on the internet until we came up with a handful that through reviews and examples and the perfect alignment of the moon seemed to be likely to meet our needs.

One sunny Monday we took a drive and met with one of these fine folks. And that was all she wrote. We clicked. She understood us. And before we left her home, she had already suggested at least two components for our ceremony that I was flat out in love with. One of which being the stones I’ve talked about before. So we got home, signed the contract, and snatched her up before anyone else had the chance. It was quick, it was easy, and it was llama free.

See? I’m not always a difficult customer! Did you find some vendors easier to book than others? Did you ever just click and hire the first person you met, or are you reading in abject horror at our implusiveness?


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