Third time’s a charm?

5 Sep

Let’s get real here for a minute. I really thought I wasn’t going to disclose this, but as it turns out I feel dishonest by not sharing. You will soon see the reason I choose not to tell people this. I am afraid of being judged and overall I’m simply ashamed by the bare facts. That being said, dear hive, I’m like Abe Lincoln over here. I cannot tell a lie. Or at least, I really suck at it.

I love that commercial, by the way. Anyway, so what is this big horrible secret of mine? Here goes nothing… this is not my second marriage. It’s my third.

Please insert pithy comments about the third time being a charm here. The thing is, I’m human and I make mistakes. And unfortunately, I made two whoppers. I could tell you all about why each marriage failed, but it’s really irrelevant here. I made some bad choices. Once I was two young to trust myself the way I should have. And another time I was just plain stupid. But I am older and smarter now. And Mr. Lox is another ballgame entirely.

So there it is… I’m heading down the aisle for a third time. Some people may think it’s tacky for me to even have a wedding. Some people may wonder why I even bother with a track record like mine. To those people, I say that I get it. I hear you. And I totally understand where you’re coming from. However I’m a human being too. And I get that I have made enough mistakes not only for my life but probably for someone else’s too. But I still believe there is hope for me. And you’d best know that I wouldn’t brave the aisle for a third time if I wasn’t absolutely sure of what I was doing.

Confession time over here. I feel much better, don’t you? Are there any elements of your wedding, or planning, or related life experience that you sometimes wish you could hide?


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