Music Part 1 – Dance with me

9 Sep

So, let’s talk about music. When I started wedding planning, I didn’t really think about this. In the past I’ve gone traditional, and I’ve gone non-existent. But it was never something I thought about a great deal. For some reason this time, it seems more important.

With our first venue, the owner said we could have a jazz band and we were so excited about everything else that we accepted that without thinking. Live music! Fun! That was the extent of our consideration. But after we got home and before I started panicking about the venue, I started to have doubts. Would a jazz band be able to make people dance the night away? Would they play the ceremony too? If not, who would? And what about MC duties… would the band do that too? Or would I have to make other arrangements? And what if they didn’t know our first dance song?

Since the first dance song was the only thing I knew was decided, I fixated and started to panic. Mr. Lox tried to calm me down. He tried to tell me we’d figure it out. But my Type-A self was not comforted. And the thing about the first dance song is that the version was extremely important to me. It had to be one exact song, and I wasn’t letting go.

Now, my obsession with the music is too great to contain in one post. But since I know our first dance song, I can share that here. This is what we (meaning I, from the moment I first heard it years ago) have always wanted.

The words speak to me. It is exactly what I’ve always wanted my future spouse to feel for me, and it’s what I have felt for Mr. Lox for a long time. I truly truly love this song. I cry alone in my car whenever it comes on my iPod! Yes, I’m a sap.

Did you always know what your first dance song would be? Or was it something you two had to figure out together? How did you decide?


2 Responses to “Music Part 1 – Dance with me”

  1. Mariel September 9, 2010 at 10:55 pm #

    this is me and my love’s song… isn’t it just beautiful? it is absolutely perfect for your first dance darling :).


    • Encore Bride September 12, 2010 at 11:43 am #

      The lyrics really speak to me, they always have. I’ve just been waiting for the right man to share this with. 😉

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