Paved with good intentions

21 Sep

Let’s get real here. I’ve yapped a little about how I’m going to DIY some details for our big day. And so far, I’ve shown you my flower balls (seriously, could no one come up with a better name?). But that is not the only craft in progress here at Chez Lox. Nor is it the only craft on my list. So today I decided to take inventory of what I intend to do. And for some reason, every time I take inventory of something, it means a spreadsheet. Don’t ask, it’s a sickness. Just wait until we talk about dress shopping…

My list of DIY

It looks so sweet and innocent here...

It’s deceptive. That spreadsheet makes it look so sweet and innocent. Harmless even. And yet, for a person who readily admits to being un-crafty, that is an imposing list indeed. In case you can’t see it (or don’t feel like clicking through to) here is my lovely list of projects, in no particular order:

  1. Tissue Paper Pomanders
  2. Flower Balls
  3. Mini Paper Lanterns
  4. Large Tissue Poms
  5. Program Fans
  6. Escort Cards
  7. Cake Table Banner
  8. Sweetheart Table Decorations
  9. Water bottles
  10. OOT Bags
  11. Children’s Activities
  12. Fauxtobooth
  13. Fauxtobooth Sign
  14. Guestbook Paper
  15. Guestbook Sign
  16. STD Envelopes
  17. Bar Sign
  18. Gazebo Decorations
  19. Flowers for Mothers

That’s the first time I’ve numbered it like that. Oooof.

Anyway, now you have an inventory of my intentions. Here’s hoping you stick around to see how I make out at the finish line!

What DIY projects did you take on? Did you finish what you set out to do, or are you scrapping some as the big day approaches?

Image courtesy of ‘lil ole me.


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