My monkeys!

2 Oct

Yes, I know. I have talked and talked about this cake topper ad nauseum. However, the darn thing is in our apartment and I am unreasonably excited. Every few days I re-remember that it’s in our home and I run over to touch it. I have the coolest fiance ever for putting up with me, my odd monkey obsession, and my scary cake topper love.

I was so excited the day it arrived that I demanded Mr. Lox allow me to document the unboxing. See photographic evidence below of my dearest being a trooper!

All boxed up

How adoarable is the packaging on this? And are you seeing what's on the little card on top?

Pretty pretty card

That's right, it's a sparkly thank you card with a picture of our monkeys on it! Not just any monkeys... OUR MONKEYS.

The monkeys are emerging

The monkeys are emerging... (Also, I love Mr. Lox's hands!)

My monkeys!

My (I mean OUR) monkeys!

Okay okay, here is my vow to you, dear hive. I will not yap on about my monkeys again until they are on top of a cake. Our cake. The wedding cake. Seriously, until then, you will be spared from future monkey cake topper pictures. For now, you can pretend my three posts about them are simply part of my charm. Stop laughing.

Now that the laughing is over, what wedding item excited you the most when it arrived?

All photos courtesy of me. No one else could care enough about this cake topper to be responsible for the insanity.


2 Responses to “My monkeys!”

  1. Miss JD October 3, 2010 at 8:54 pm #

    Found you blog on Wedding Bee and saw that you are a fellow May bride blogger so I just wanted to say hi!

    Happy blogging! Love the monkeys 😀

    • Encore Bride October 8, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

      So glad you stopped by! I’ll be sure to return the favor. 🙂

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