Only in my dreams

4 Oct

Well, at 7 months out it finally happened. I had a wedding dream. I still remember it clearly.

I kind of thought all the talk about wedding dreams and nightmares and stuff was silly talk about something that would never happen to me. I am a level-headed relaxed kind of bride, after all. (Now really… hush you. I’m relaxed. Dammit.) Anyway, whatever. I didn’t expect to have wedding dreams, especially not bad ones. But last night I did.

Wedding Nightmares

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For what it’s worth, the wedding in my dream was gorgeous. It was at our venue and the weather was gorgeous and all was perfect. I even remember my walk down the aisle, which was awesome. I was grinning, Mr. Lox was thrilled. It was storybook stuff. So why was this a bad dream, you ask?

Because the music was all wrong. Mr. Lox and I are picking non-traditional music that has meaning for us. In the dream I was waiting to hear our special selections, but all the music was super conventional. Very classical, and very not what we had wanted for our wedding. Now, even in the dream there was nothing wrong with that. It was beautiful. But I was so disappointed that the selections we had taken such time and thought making were not being played.

After the wedding I said something to the DJ and the venue owner and they were horrified. They insisted we should have another wedding to get it right. And then everything fell apart. The weather went downhill. The guests couldn’t be rounded up. I just couldn’t find anything. And I was frustrated and angry and all I wanted was a perfect wedding with our perfect music. Then I woke up.

Luckily I wasn’t stressed when I woke up. I was just kind of amazed. My thoughts were more like “Huh. I just had a wedding dream. Didn’t really think that would happen. Oh well.” I guess the real kicker is that if I had this dream at 7 months out, I should be having some crazy dreams when the wedding really gets close. Ha!

Did you have wedding dreams? When was your first one? What was it about?


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