Two years and one week ago

6 Oct

So, I realized something today. Mr. E and I celebrated our two year (of dating, that is) anniversary a week or so ago and I never mentioned it. Last year, before we were engaged, I wrote something (clearly not here, just go with it) about Mr. E and me. So this year, I’m recycling it (and adjusting for my lack of timing). How I feel about us and the day we met remains the same. And how we met will never change. So here’s another piece of our story.

Two years and about three weeks ago, I decided to accept a date with a guy I wasn’t sure of. Our communications had been stop and start, but they had started again and he seemed nice enough. I hedged accepting the date since he was rather short. But I wasn’t making any effort to set up dates myself anymore and I decided maybe I was being superficial anyway. So I said yes.

Two years and about two and a half weeks ago, I was examining his online photos. I couldn’t tell exactly what he looked like as they weren’t necessarily the best things in the world. He might have been cute or he might have been funny looking. I was hoping for cute. I was bracing for funny looking.

Two years and about two and a half weeks ago, I almost canceled our date and decided never to go out with him. He told me about his divorce and it hadn’t been as far away as I might have liked. I was afraid of rebounds or lingering attachments. My own healing process was still fresh in my mind. I almost called things off, but then I didn’t. What harm could one date do anyway, right?

Two years and one week ago, I met him for brunch. We were the same height. And he was totally cute and not funny looking. I wore a top I would later learn was flashing him a bit too much cleavage when I leaned forward. He didn’t stare.

Two years and one week ago, we were having such a good conversation over brunch that we moved downstairs to the bar area and kept talking. That date lasted about six hours. For the most part, I forgot he was short. And I wondered why I’d let our initial conversations be so stop and start.

Two years and one week ago, I was too cautious to imagine what might come of a six hour date with a cute guy who was my height. I did like that he picked up the tab and walked me to my car. I liked the hug he gave me as we said goodbye. I liked that he followed up with me immediately to ask me out again. But I was too careful to imagine what might happen next.

Two years and one week ago, I met Mr. E. I remember every detail of that date. I remember what we wore, what we ate, and what we drank. I remember how good the conversation was. I remember thinking maybe the height thing wasn’t so big a deal… maybe.I remember thinking he seemed pretty well adjusted about his divorce after all.  I remember looking for what would be wrong this time that would make it not work.

What I don’t remember is ever imagining that two years (and one week) later we’d still be together. That height really wouldn’t be a big deal. That I would eventually be filled with hope. That we would be strong enough to overcome so many obstacles together. And yet, here we are.

I think it all boils down to something he said to me in the dark one night, just before we fell asleep. Just like that, he told me his life is better because I’m in it.

Two years and one week ago I could never have imagined how much I would love him or how much I would want to remain in his life. But today, I know. And I do. And I will. Two years and one week ago today we started something great. Here’s hoping there will be many more years of looking back at it all fondly and looking forward to what may come.

Us, being us

This may not be from the day we met, but it is very much *us*. Bunny ears and all.

For what it’s worth, you’ll see something if you read between the lines. You already knew we’re both divorced, but I don’t think you knew we met online. We did. Mr. E and I met on an online dating site called I don’t know how I got this lucky in the online lottery, but I will not question it. I did, and I met Mr. E. And now I’ll never let him go.

How did you meet your someone special?

Picture courtesy of Chad Lippiatt Photo.


2 Responses to “Two years and one week ago”

  1. Cheryl October 7, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

    This post was sooo adorable! I read it on the way to school today and it just gave me warm fuzzy feelings haha.

    • Encore Bride October 8, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

      Awwwww, thank you. 🙂

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