You bought *what*?

8 Oct

Sometimes the tiniest wedding purchases make me unreasonably happy. Now, with every paycheck I’m attempting to buy something for the wedding. This way the purchases are stretched out and the pain of spending money seems less painful. There is a method to my madness. However, my next purchase was so small that I just made it willy nilly when the mood struck me. On a whim even. I mean, it cost me under $4 for the item and shipping (which was inexplicably from Hong Kong!)

So what is this tiny purchase full of joy? What $4 item has made me unreasonably happy? Let’s see if you can guess from these pictures…

Plain white envelope

Nothing to see here right? Just a crazy lady holding up a plain old envelope...

Invisible ink illuminated!

Gotcha! Turns out it's hard to take a picture of the result when shining a blacklight. My pithy message is "Does this work?" I know, I'm so witty.

Okay okay, my inner five year old got the better of me on this one. But seriously, how cool is invisible ink?

Now, I can hear you all out there. Miss Lox, what on earth does invisible ink have to do with your wedding? Well I’m so glad you asked. This is going to be my RSVP herding solution. Come invitation time, I am going to number each RSVP card with this invisible ink. And then, if a card comes back without a name filled in? I’m going to shine my super special light on it and the invisible ink will give the culprit away! And the best part for this occasionally anal retentive bride is that I don’t have to mar whatever beautiful RSVP cards I have ordered with numbers! They’ll be on there, but they’ll be invisible! Hooray for me!

Did you buy any weird items that were actually wedding specific? How did you herd incomplete RSVP cards?

All pictures courtesy of me. Think you could do better?


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