STD Saga – Part 1

10 Oct

This is a story about my STDs. (And for reals, am I the only blogger who can’t type that without snickering? Because I do. Every. Single Time. STD STD STD! *snort*) However, before we get to that, it is a story about my very first Etsy Alchemy request.

I had it in my mind that I wanted a monogram for our wedding. But, as you may have already ascertained, I am not an artsy type. I do not do graphic design. In fact, until just the other night, I didn’t even know we had a working color printer in the house. (Okay okay, that one is Mr.Lox’s fault. But it’s true.) So in order to get a monogram I had to beg someone to make it for me. And then bribe them for it. With cash. Clearly Etsy’s Alchemy was the answer. I had also noticed that a certain theme had emerged in some of the items I have already ordered. As I am not one to fight with destiny, I hopped on the theme train and ordered up a custom monogram which follows the theme. Having said that, I now introduce, our custom monogram!

Our Monogram

Our monogram courtesy of Etsy seller tuccipaperco

At first I wasn’t sure about it. So Mr. Lox and I considered it carefully for about 60 seconds. Then he declared that he liked it. And I decided it was, in fact, made of awesome. And I paid the nice Etsy seller, and I got my file in my inbox. And the rest, my dears, is history! Okay, really recent history, but still. Obviously the real version does not have smudged bits. Sorry about that.

High off of my first Alchemy success, I quickly created a second request. This time for a custom stamp. But this time it was a private request issued directly to a store owner I wanted to work with. And the end result is a lovely stamp made of that monogram.

Then it occurred to me… embossing! A stroke of genuis! I shall emboss this stamp. Somewhere. Perhaps on my STD envelopes? Who knows? Stick around to find out though. 😉

Have you used Etsy’s Alchemy request yet? What pretties have you had made for you?


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