STD Saga – Part 2

12 Oct

So, today I released the STDs (*snicker*) into the mail. You should know that it was a big farking deal for me. You should also know that I put an odd amount of work into the envelopes the invites were mailed in. You know, those things people tear off and then throw away? Yes those. Here’s a story of how that happened.

A friend got totally excited when I showed her the STDs (*snort*) and said we should stamp up the envelopes. She drew pictures and her eyes were all bright and excited. It was really hard to resist. Better yet she offered to help! I was smitten and in an instant I totally gave in and said we should do it. I went and purchased stamps. I was all a-twitter.

Then I forgot all about it. It wasn’t time to mail them. I wasn’t ready to send them out. I was busy herding other details. I could come up with five more excuses if you give me enough time…

Right. So then it came time to send these bad boys out. And I knew the stamping situation had to be addressed and handled. I was so sure it would be easy. I mean positive. Luckily not so positive that I didn’t do a test run. Using the STD (*giggle*) envelope as a template, I cut a fake one out of cardstock. Then I stamped what I thought would look nice.

Original stamps on the front

Obviously I did not smudge the mockup. This was done to protect the innocent. Mainly the friends whose address I remembered off the top of my head.

Original stamps on the back

Aaaaand the back. Return address label is mutilated for my protection.

This was not what I had in mind. Not only was in not what I had in mind, I plain old didn’t like it. I was trying to be all positive and upbeat about the problem, so I texted these pictures to my friend. Her response was “That’s nice, but not what I pictured.” That’s when I knew it was plain old no good.

So I went back to the drawing board. On it, was the custom stamp that I ordered after mauling this envelope mock-up, and an idea I could not get out of my head. Embossing. Oh yes, you know this will be fun. So much fun, in fact, that I’m saving it for the next post. That and the STDs (*lol*) will begin arriving by then so I’ll feel better starting to reveal them. Also, it’s kind of fun to leave you hanging. Sorry.

Did you have a project that didn’t turn out how you’d envisioned? Were you smarter than me and tested it sooner? Spill.

All photos taken by me. And unfortunately of things made by me.


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