Bridal Shop Tour 2010 – First stop

25 Oct

So one hot hot Friday, Mrs. M and I set out to look at wedding dresses. We met bright and early, grabbed some breakfast, and got on our way.

Go Away Mr. Lox!We were off to our first stop before I knew it. Because it was the first place, I was very nervous. I had called every place on my spreadsheet and all had assured me they had a reasonable selection of things that would actually go onto my body. But sometimes, only seeing is believing. Anyway, my consultant there, Judy, was wonderful. She was even willing to pretend I’d never been there so my mother wouldn’t know I went shopping without her. (More on that later.) Judy only pulled things that would at least sort of fit me. I think in the time I was there, only one thing came off without getting all the way onto me. Judy whisked it away before I could even really understand what had happened. Hooray for sensitivity!

First, I tried on an Anjolique dress. The picture is lost and I can’t find it online. But I will tell you that I loved the corset the Anjolique dress had built on the inside of it. The outside was just a zip, but that internal corset worked wonders.  Apparently that’s their thing.

Anjolique fit enhancer

Like this. Click for source.

Okay, so I dug that. Next there was a dress with a dropped waist. That didn’t last quickly as I immediately learned I didn’t care for that at all. And then there was a dress I do have a picture of. Pay attention, because that’s important. You’ll see why as the tale unfolds!

Maggie Sottero's Brittney

We thought we had to sneak pictures. Too bad we didn't figure out that was unnecessary until it was too late. Also please excuse my crazy monkey arms and even crazier facial expression. Yikes.

For the record, I am saying something about how I like the ruching in the waist area. No really. Behind me is Judy, whom I loved. And if you look carefully in the picture, you can see my partner in crime, Mrs. M. Now that we’ve had our introductions, do you notice anything familiar about this dress? No? How about if you compare the skirt on it to the skirt on my inspiration dress…

Jasmine Collection Bridal F964

The look I set out to get. This is Jasmine Collection F964. Click for source.

See the skirts? Oh yes, I was all about skirt detail. That is the first thing I learned at our first stop. The second thing I learned is that after I find something I love, I don’t really have a desire to keep looking. So while I wanted to see other shops, I was done at our first place. I had a new lover, and her name was Brittney. Judy wrote up a little card for me and also kept one with her. Hers was complete with the whole “don’t tell her mother she was here” note. Judy was the bestest.

But we had more things to see. And so off we went to the next stop on our bridal shop tour!

If it doesn’t say “Click for source” it was taken by me!


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