Bridal Shop Tour 2010 – Midday Meltdown

30 Oct

Before we begin…

Go Away Mr. Lox!

After our first stop, I was feeling pretty sassy. Dresses went onto my body, and I found something that took many of the things I loved from my inspiration dress and combined them in a new way. I was thinking I might have found The One.

Lucky for me, Mrs. M was probably the most supportive friend I could have brought along. She was so damn happy we stopped at Starbucks between the first and second stops that she was kind of pathetically grateful and sweet for the rest of the day. Apparently she had a bad experience once with another friend who felt stopping for food and water was unnecessary during her dress hunt. To be fair, I told her the two of us would be fine and I wasn’t like that. But she didn’t believe me until the end of the day. Still, Starbucks went a a long way towards buoying her spirits. And so, with everyone in a great mood we moved onto stop number two.

This stop didn’t go as well. Despite the fact I’d called ahead and confirmed that all the shops had things for me to try on, this store was really…. well… thin in that department. And a few of the tiny selection they did have were pretty terrible. So that meant almost nothing for me to even consider. I really wished the girl helping us had told me that on the phone and saved me a drive. Also, as sweet as this girl was, she didn’t know how to lace or fasten anyone into a dress and therefore most things weren’t that flattering and things that could have been zipped shut were left gaping open. Had I not just had a great experience, this is where I would have melted down. Lucky for Mrs. M, I did not.

This is where I could not salvage pictures. Please accept these stock alternatives. Here are the only two things that fit and weren’t hideous:

Mori Lee 2184

This one was a favorite at this shop but did not make the final cut list. Click for source.

Maggie Sottero Vanessa

This was a lovely dress and flattering, but it just didn't have enough of *something* for me. No clue what. Click for source.

At this point there was nothing left in the shop that I could even pretend to try on. So Mrs. M thanked the tiny little salesgirl for her help and we headed off for our next destination. I was proud of myself for not melting down. Mrs. M was still just happy she got caffeine. We were off to greener pastures!

Did you ever have a frustrating experience while searching for a dress?


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