Bridal Shop Tour 2010 – Wrapping Up the Extravaganza

31 Oct

So today we’ll cover our last two stops of the wedding dress shopping tour. Partly because not much happened at one of the shops, and partly because I don’t want your eyes to glaze over.

Mrs. M and I grabbed a quick snack and headed to the next shop. By this time we were running consistently early. The next stop didn’t look like much from the outside but was beyond cute inside. They took us early and the consultant was so sweet. We wandered around looking at dresses while the consultant pulled some of her own choices. After about 5 or so dresses, we had narrowed it down to these:

Francesca by Sophia Tolli

Meet Francesca by Sophia Tolli. I just love when the dresses have actual names. Click for source.

Mikaella 1513

And here is a picture that survived the great phone crash. This is me in Mikaella 1513.

Yes, that there is me in a dress, only the second time you’ve seen it. Anyway, after this dress I didn’t have the desire to try on any more in this shop so we headed to our fourth and final shop.

At the final place, we didn’t really see anything worthwhile. I mean, there were some dresses I may have considered, but the shop wasn’t ideal. The dressing rooms were tiny so I had to stand in a large completely exposed area in my underwear to get in and out of the dresses. The salesgirl wouldn’t listen when I said I was uncomfortable. Mrs. M tried to hide in the corner so she didn’t see any of it. It was overall a bit bad. Also, the salesgirl denying my privacy? She was dressed in a black tank top and a worn black denim miniskirt. Honestly, she looked like she was about to go to her second job at a dive bar after she left. And she smelled… unpleasant. Plus she was trying to do a hard sell which further turned me off. So we cut that appointment short and I got Mrs. M back to her car in time for dinner with her husband.

Next up, I will take my mother back to view my top three choices. I bet you already know what two of them are!

And, since you made it through this post, I have a bonus for you. A picture of Mr. Lox and I from a Halloween party we went to this year. Random is us!

Happy Halloween!

Can you tell Mr. Lox was a cowboy and I was saloon girl? If not, just nod and smile now.

And for extra fun, what is those largest number of bridal shops you ever visited in one day?

If it says “Click for source” it isn’t mine. Otherwise all compliments should be directed this way. 😉


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