Linens n Things

4 Nov

No, not the store. I mean that one night, Mr. Lox and I went to our wedding venue to finalize our linen choices and talk details. The event coordinator at the Vandiver is easily the most bubbly human being I have ever met. The second we walked in the door, she came rushing over exclaiming “Hey lady! I love your hair!”

From there we moved on to talk about all things wedding. I gave her a rundown of the vendors we’re using. I asked some questions I had building up. I found out that she is much easier to work with than the inn’s owner. He nearly had a coronary when I mentioned I wanted to bring my own napkins. That was a fun day. I asked if I could supply the napkins, he said yes but I had to fold them. I said I didn’t care how they were folded. He insisted I fold them. I told him I have no clue how to fold napkins and DIDN’T WANT TO FOLD THEM. He rambled on about how they wouldn’t do special folding. I reiterated that I didn’t care how the napkins were folded. Not even a little. I just liked the color and wanted them used. He gave it up. In contrast I asked the event coordinator if I could provide my own napkins. She said “No problem!” Awesome.

Another example of her easiness that I didn’t expect came with the linen colors. The owner told us we would have a white underlay and then a colored overlay from their stock, our choice. This was much harder than you could possibly imagine. We hemmed, we hawed, we contemplated no color at all. We had finally settled on yellow overlays. That is until last night. The event coordinator said, “How about fuschia underlay with a white overlay?” Then she pointed, and I was smitten. Wanna see?

Our linens

Imagine the white overlay on the whole table, and the whole deal on a 60" round. Personal photo.

Although, get this. Now I think I don’t like the way the napkin is folded. *snort*

Did something you thought would be easy turn out to be more complicated? How did you resolve it during your wedding planning, or have you? Or… do you have any idea how to attractively fold a napkin?


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