Well color me… something

6 Nov

I remember some of the first wedding discussions Mr. Lox and I had. First we talked about what kind of wedding we wanted. After we decided on a small-ish less formal affair for our small family and mostly friends, he thought we were done. My next question was “What colors do you think we should have?” And Mr. E just kind of blinked at me. “Does our wedding really need to have colors?”, he asked me. I looked at his kind of annoyed face and agreed I supposed they didn’t. And we didn’t discuss the wedding for a couple of weeks.

The thing is, planning a wedding without any idea of colors is… well… hard. How do you know what kinds of invitations to buy? What do you flowers look like? How do you coordinate things? I mean, I’m sure there’s a way to do it all beautifully, but I’m simply not that cool. We needed colors. This time, I approached Mr. Lox with the reasons our wedding needed colors. He seemed to agree. So I went off in search of inspiration. I came up with things like this:

Colorful reception hall

Look how happy this room is. Click for source.

Lovely place setting

Here's a more sedate version but look how lovely the napkin and menu card are. Click for source.

Fun invitations

If these weren't more money than I wanted to spend, I would have already ordered these invitations. Click for source.

Fun colorful cake

I swear I'm giving this picture to my baker during our tasting. Click for source.

I even found full inspiration boards:

Inspiration Board

If you didn't get the hint before, I'm sure you have now. PS - Look closely at this to see the way the napkins are folded. Doh! Click for source.

Clearly I had a well-formed idea of what I wanted. Lucky for me, orange is Mr. Lox’s favorite color. So not only am I madly in love with a pink and orange (fuschia and tangerine?) wedding, but he loves it too! Presenting this to him went very smoothly and without any pain or loss of blood, we had our wedding colors.

How did you pick your colors? Or did you successfully decide not to have colors at all?


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