Be our guest?

11 Nov

So lately I’ve been invitation crazy. I mean, maybe I shouldn’t be this early, but I am. I am flat out obsessed. I have been scouring the internet high and low for something that fits our theme and feels like us.

I started at the large discount invitation sites, but nothing seemed right. They were all too formal, too plain, too stuffy, or too outdated to really fit the two of us. It was frustrating to say the least. So I did what I do in every situation like this. I turned to Etsy. That’s where I found these:

57 Hearts Invitation Suite

57 hearts wedding invitation suite from Etsy seller lvandy27. Click for source.

iHEARTyou pocketfold invitation suite

iHEARTyou pocketfold invitation suite from Etsy seller LittleSparkCreations. Click for source.

Retro Hearts Invitation Set

Retro Hearts invitation set from Etsy seller cloudfish. Click for source.

Love and Marriage Wedding Invitation

Love and Marriage wedding invitation from Etsy seller charlymouse. Click for source.

xox Collection Wedding Invitation and RSVP

xox Collection Wedding Invitation and RSVP from Etsy seller orchardandbrown. Click for source.

Now imagine all of them in our wedding colors. Those are the invites that I have samples of in my wedding planning folder now. At the moment, I have a favorite, but I’m not sure if it’s THE ONE. I know, I know. I picked out my dress with only two days of shopping, but this… this I’ve been agonizing over for weeks now with no end in sight. What’s a girl to do?

(Don’t say DIY my invitations. I floated that idea to Mr. Lox a month or two ago and he was violently opposed. So we are definitely consumers on this venture.)

Which one do you like the best, or should I look for something else entirely? Help a gal out.


2 Responses to “Be our guest?”

  1. Cheryl November 11, 2010 at 3:51 pm #

    Hmm. That was tough, but I would have to say that #2 is my favourite, with #1 being a very close second.

    I wish we had room in our budget for super cute invites, but alas we are going the DIY route (and I’m not so creative haha so we’ll see how they turn up)

    • Encore Bride November 14, 2010 at 7:02 pm #

      My second choice is probably the last one. For today at least.

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