A new toy? Oh boy!

18 Nov

So a while ago I got something in the mail. I was… well… super excited is the best way to describe it. You see, I haven’t been talking about it too much (but there will be more talk soon I promise) but I have discovered the great wide world of paper crafts. Oh yes, paper crafts and I are having a hot and steamy affair.

Now, like any girl having an affair with paper crafts, I covet a Cricut. I could wax on about it, but chances are you’ve heard all of this somewhere else already and I’ll just be one more voice in the choir. The thing is, the Cricut is not a cheap toy, and I simply couldn’t justify getting one. I was resigned to my fate until I learned of a lovely lady called the Xyron Creatopia.

Amazon box on my living room floor

One day an Amazon box arrived for me. Golly gee, what could it be?

Open Amazon box

I opened the box anxiously. What will it look like?

The Xyron

Here is my new toy. Isn't she pretty?

Now, most crafter type people know all about Xyron because of their adhesive sticker making fun toys. But the Creatopia…. well she is the great grandmommy of the sticker makers, but not as well known as them it seems. She can make anything (up to half an inch thick that is) sticky with permanent or repostionable adhesive. She even has adhesive for fabric. If you buy her a different insert, she can cut with all kinds of blades. She even scores and perforates. Another insert will emboss for you. Just the edges or even all over. And just one more insert will allow you to use die cutting plates and embossing folders from all kinds of leading systems. Paper crafting and I adopted the Creatopia and all of its inserts and brought it home. I thought I was complete.

The Creatopia and I got along famously. I started using it right away to make some of my paper crafting easier while I daydreamed of new things I could do now that I had it. If you’d like, I can give a full review soon. I’ve found a lot of people have never heard of the Creatopia, so some input might be helpful. And I’ve had her for a while now so I have some well-formed opinions.

Now tell me, have you ever bought a new toy inspired solely by your wedding preparations? Would you consider doing it?

All pictures in this post courtesy of me, myself, and I.


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