Say cheese!

4 Dec

I have something to tell you. I want a photobooth. Like for reals. WANT. but let me tell you something else. Our tiny wedding budget is exhausted. I have stretched it to its conceivable limits, and those darn photobooths are expensive! Some of the quotes I got made me whimper and clutch at my chest. As I was getting quotes during working hours (clearly while I was on break) my co-workers were starting to wonder about me. So I had to stop pricing photobooths. But I never let go of the dream.

The day I saw this post on Weddingbee, I knew there was a higher power. Or at least, a far more resourceful person than me who was willing to let me gank her ideas. You know, close enough. I promptly introduced Mr. Lox to the concept of a fauxtobooth. And he seems willing to indulge me. Hooray!

I know some people have successfully used Mac software to implement this and print out pictures on the spot. Clearly this is a close proximity to the real thing. I know other people have rigged up digital cameras and printers. That is also a good alternative. I also know I’m not going to be able to make either of those fly. So here is my grand idea. We will use Mr. Lox’s tripod and my digital camera. I will save all of the pictures and then upload them to our photosharing website after the fact. That way people can download them for free later. Oh yes, and I can get prints. Hopefully prints like some of these:

One Fauxtobooth

Look how happy they are. And I love the props. Click for source.

Two Fauxtobooth

(Recognize this fauxtobooth? Mrs. Cola will!) I am so hoping all of our guests get into the spirit. I'm imagining Mr. Lox's parents looking something like this. Click for source.

Three Fauxtobooth... but no four

(How about this one? I bet P Chips will!) I can totally see my high school friends looking like this. And I so hope I do! Click for source.

I swear to you, in addition to talking about my planned wedding projects, this is leading up to the promised guestbook idea. I’m thinking you all see it clearly now. If not, you will in my next post. Because I’m evil like that.

Did you or are you having a photobooth at your reception? Are you renting one or DIYing it?


3 Responses to “Say cheese!”

  1. Kelly December 5, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

    I want but am not having….. 😦

  2. Encore Bride December 7, 2010 at 8:20 am #

    I’m telling you, you could totally DIY one for a very low price. That’s the only reason I’m getting mine!

    • Kelly December 7, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

      FI won’t go for it, but I’ll keep working on him. I need to contact my photographer and ask if I can have a second photographer there. My daughter-in-law’s ( yes I am that old (43)) sister is a photography student and I know I could offer her a few dollars and she would man the station and take the photos. I am just not sure if the professional photgrapher that we hired will go for that…..or if the venue which hold 80 and we have 97 people on the list will accomodate the space required to pull this off…. see what I mean… probably no having…

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