13 Dec

Have you ever just hit a wedding wall?

Wedding Wall

I figure a wedding wall has to be prettier than a plain old brick wall. I mean, right? Anyway, click for source.

I mean like, *blam!* into the wall. There are tons of things I know I need to do. I’ve made spreadsheets of them. I’ve quantified them. I’ve even blogged about them. And I know exactly how to acheive most of them. However, I see to have crashed right into this inconvenient wall that is preventing me from doing any of them.

I’m unsure whether I should blame the holidays (when this all started) or just general inertia. All I know is that I am acheiving absolutely nothing that needs to be done for this wedding. I’ve found new things to buy for it (more on that later). I’ve had no issue talking about.  But about five months out from the big event, here I am… sitting on my butt being useless.

I have, however, had absolutely no problem with scrapbooking, making cards, or (back when this all began) doing tasks like holiday baking and card sending. So lazy I am not. But wedding lazy, I am!

So I ask again, have you ever hit a wedding wall?


One Response to “Blam!”

  1. Kelly December 13, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

    You are not wedding lazy, the holidays are just coming first right now. I can totally relate, in addition to working full time, being a mom full time and attending school full time, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. You have to prioritized and right now the wedding is just simmering on the back burner. You know after the holidays there will be renewed determination and enthusiasm as the day gets closer. Have a fantastic holiday and enjoy the cookies.

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