Let’s talk about hair, baby

17 Dec

Yep, it’s time to get real here. Let’s talk about hair.

By this point, I have shared more than a few pictures of me with all of you. From them you can see that I have medium to longish red hair. What you can’t see is that the only part of that description that is actually mine in nature is the length. And I’ve been growing it out for an insane amount of time. The rest of it? I either pay for or work quite hard for. In the case of the color, I know to leave it to the professionals. However, I have spent 33 years learning how to make my hair straight. Unfortunately, the fact you might believe it’s straight at all, is just that experience tricking your eyes.

You might remember my hair looking like this:

What I was actually wearing that day

Okay, so it's not perfectly straight because this was taken in the summer. But it is fairly straight here, right?

(PS – It’s well past my shoulders in the back. Those are my shorter layers curling up around my shoulders in this picture.)

Yep, that was a pretty good hair day. Unfortunately, my hair actually looks more like this:

Curly girl

I let my hairdresser take a break and not straighten my hair today.

Right, so first I have to say I am rockin’ some awesome flannel jammies on a Friday night. Yep, that’s just how I roll.

Now back to the hair. That is not some super secret feat of styling. Neither is it crazy magic product. No no, my hair is just really that curly. The only part you may credit to my stylist’s hard work is the awesome shade of red. (Which is rather unclear in these pictures. Trust me, it’s hot.) For the record, while the curl is all mine, the color is naturally blonde. But you already knew that.

What does my insane (and slightly less than attractive) curly hair have to do with my wedding? Oh come on, how could it not have anything to do with it? This nonsense has to be professionally styled for the day! Before today, I had let my stylist convince me that the kind of hairstyle I want was best achieved by leaving my hair in its natural state and going from there. Until today, when I let her remind me of exactly how much I HATE my curls. Now, now I realize I have to go back to square one. This is seriously not going to work for me. At all.

For the record, I asked Mr. Lox if he liked my hair curly. He made a very sad face (because he is not the type to criticize my appearance at all) and shook his head.

So I’m going to need help with my wedding day hair. We can talk about what I thought I wanted when we next meet. And by that I mean, in my next post.

Is your hair all natural, or do you fight with nature? How does that affect your wedding day hair choices?


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