Candles in the wind

2 Jan

Sometimes you are able to find just what you need in unexpected places. To prove this, I shall tell you the story of our votive candles.  (What? It was windy the day we bought these!)

When I first came up with our yet to be unveiled centerpiece design, I knew I wanted votive candles on each table. I also knew per the Vandiver’s rules, the candle holder had to extend high enough to be above the candle’s flame. I also knew I didn’t want to spend  a ton of moolah on candles. So first I headed off to my beloved Dollar Tree.

Unfortunately, the Dollar Tree has tons of candles and tons of holders, but none were quite right. The candles were mostly scented and the holders weren’t quite what I was looking for. Scented candles by food seemed unwise so I turned my search online. Online I discovered 72 unscented votive candles with 72 glass holders that looked to be the correct size, all for about $40. In case you are bargain hunting, it came from Quick Candles. This would have been perfectly fine and I was just starting to think about placing an order, even though 72 candles is way more than I need.

But then Mr. Lox and I went to Ikea on a completely unrelated errand. He was just starting to lose patience with me when I saw them. The perfect little votive holders.

Votive Holders

Pay no attention to the errant scrapbooking paper on my table. You can tell what I was doing yesterday.

Next to the holders were 12 packs of black and white votives. This almost sunk the whole deal as I really wanted all white. But after we realized all white packages weren’t to be had, I decided that having black and white candles on the table couldn’t be all bad. I mean, will it?

Votive candle close-up

It'll add interest. I mean, right?

I decided this would work, especially at these prices. I bought enough to have four candles (2 white, 2 black) on each table. That’s 9 packages of the votive holders (4 to a pack) and 3 twelve packs of votives (6 white and 6 black in each pack). Here’s the total haul:

Total Haul

Looks kind of impressive, right?

And here’s a sneak peek of what will go on each table.

Candles in holders

What, you thought I was going to show you the whole centerpiece? But it's so fun to tease...

What, you might ask, was the cost break down on these?

Packs of 12 votive candles $2.99 ea. x 3 = $8.97

4 pack of glass votive holders $1.49 ea. x 9 = $13.41

Total = $22.38

Now, the candles online were cheaper per unit, however we just don’t need that many so it’s not really the better bargain. I’m quite proud of our haul today.

Did you ever find wedding items in unexpected places?

All photos taken by me on my messy dining room table.


One Response to “Candles in the wind”

  1. Kelly January 3, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    That’s really a great find. We are lucky all the votive candles and holders are supplied by our venue. Score for the both of us!

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