My Bridal Vision

5 Jan

You may have noticed that I wear glasses. I mean, you may not have too. In which case, let me help you. Here’s my profile picture for the Bee:

Profile Pic!
Look at the lovely

And here’s the truth about me and my glasses. I love them madly. I choose my frames very carefully and these are definitely my favoritest frames ever. I am thrilled to wear them every day. And I’d like to wear them in my wedding.
Because they’re me, because I’m naked without them, just because!

So we’re all decided then, right? Well, that wouldn’t make for fun blogging now would it? Of course it’s not that simple. Let’s see if you can guess why from this one of our engagement pictures:

Us, being us
See anything interesting in this picture?

Let me help you. I am wearing the exact same glasses in both pictures. One is taken inside, and the other outside on a sunny day. You have seen it by now… I have transition lenses. Normally this works out very well for me. But it tends to backfire when you think about our gorgeous afternoon May wedding. Outside. In the sun. Right… I don’t want to be wearing sunglasses in all of my ceremony pictures.

And so I faced the same dilemma as so many bees before me. And I did something that I still don’t really care for. I got contacts. My eye doctor assures me I am not being vain. He wants me to wear them all the time now because my vision is actually better with the contacts than with glasses. Even with the exact same prescription.

The other night I was trying them out for the first time around the house. Just as I frequently forget my glasses are on my face, I totally forgot the contacts were in my eyes. Except every time I passed a mirror, I was startled to see this:

Naked Face
Naked. Face.

Okay, so honestly I think this picture is a bit misleading. What I see in the mirror is naked face. That picture looks normal. But I swear, my face is NAKED. I am actually not disturbed by that picture at all, but my reflection in the mirror is quite startling. NAKED FACE, yo. I miss my glasses. Mr. Lox thinks I’m nuts. It’s ok if you agree. But I swear, that only looks okay because I am well versed in the correct angle from which to take a picture. And how far to jut out my chin to make sure there’s only one of them. (Don’t laugh. It’s a skill.)

Are you a glasses wearing bride or are you a bride who chose contacts instead for her big day? Or is this a total nonissue for you, but you might have some words of wisdom for me? Spill it.


2 Responses to “My Bridal Vision”

  1. Leana January 13, 2011 at 5:08 pm #

    I will be a glasses wearing bride! Although I worry that I’ll be squinting in the sun a lot… Anyhoo, I can’t wear contacts without some major eye issues so this made the debate a pretty easy one for me. Glasses it is so I can see my handsome groom waiting for me at the end of the aisle!

    • Encore Bride January 14, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

      I’m totally jealous. Apparently contacts are my new destiny. I’m *still* not used to it. Seriously.

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