Serendipity or insanity?

8 Jan

I’m not sure yet if this is serendipity or insanity. Maybe the hive can help me decide?

The other day I was at one of my favorite craft shops (name removed to protect folks in the rest of this post). I shopped and shopped and shopped, and then headed for the checkout lines. When I got there, I was surprised to see one line had a customer just finishing up with no one behind her, and the others were all a few people deep. So I got in the short line smiling at my luck. Well, that and the fact that everything in my cart was on sale so it didn’t matter that I’d forgotten my coupon. Anyhow, the customer in front of me and the girl working the checkout were having a conversation which I really couldn’t help but eavesdrop in on.

They were talking about the cashier’s side business. The cashier was saying that they are trying to get more well-known, especially with brides. My interest was piqued. But I couldn’t tell what kind of business they were discussing. At first I thought it was something crafty, I mean we were in a craft store and all. Then I wasn’t so sure. Then the cashier was saying how they also do parties and lessons. And I was just no closer to figuring this out. Being nosey was totally backfiring on me!

Finally, the customer was getting ready to go, and she said how great they cashier’s eye makeup looked. For the record, it was awesome. Of course! The cashier is a makeup artist with a brand new business! And what is the one vendor I am still without? You know. A makeup artist.

So I told the girl about my wedding and got her information. That night, a quick search in Google revealed the business is definitely new. So new that it has no web presence yet. So I have no reviews or anything to try to sift through. But the timing on this is just so amazing. I mean, I’ve just been starting to sweat over this makeup thing. (Please don’t say DIY it. I’m so so hopeless.) I feel like fate, or the universe, or whatever has sort of dropped her in my lap.

So hive, the question is this: Is it the happiest accident that I found this girl? Or is it absolutely insane to book a vendor just starting out for a very important day? What do you think?


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