Covering Up

12 Jan

Slowly but surely, my wedding day look is coming together. Today’s piece of the puzzle is something I never thought I even needed. I mean, I really like them and all… but it seemed just an extra expense, you know? Actually, how can you know at all? You have no earthly clue what I’m talking about. Let’s straighten this out, shall we?

Go Away Mr. Lox!

I’m talking about a bolero! And frankly, I blame this post by Miss Sloth. See, I followed the link to the Etsy seller where she got her bolero. And I was confronted with such pretty pretty things. I promptly fell in love with this:


POISON orange raw silk bolero

POISON orange raw silk bolero from Etsy seller maryandangelika. Click for source.

I mean, I fell in love with the bolero right after I finished drooling over the orange embroidery. But my dress does not have orange embroidery. However my wedding does have orange. And how awesome would this look at my reception? I mean…. right? I was in love. And then I saw this…


Autumn irish Cream and pale pink VENETIAN bolero

Autumn irish Cream and pale pink VENETIAN bolero by Etsy seller maryandalgelika. Click for source.


And though they couldn’t be more different. The orange bolero is in Mr. Lox’s favorite color which also happens to be one of our wedding colors. And it’s all modern and fun. But the lace bolero is soft and romantic and delicate. Decisions decisions…

I suck at making decisions. So I asked my friend. I showed her the orange one first and she said she couldn’t imagine anything more perfect! Done, right? Ha, I thought so too. Then I showed her the lace one and she said she was amending her previous statement. She’d never seen anything so perfect…. until the lace one. Not helpful. She suggested I show Momma Lox. So I did. And Momma Lox was definitive. She preferred…

…wait for it…

The lace one! Really I knew that;s how it would go. And it probably is the definitive right choice which all of you knew before me. So after a brief conversation, I placed the order. And I waited as my bolero was custom made for me and shipped from way far away. All so that I could show you this picture. Okay, and wear it to my wedding reception.


My BoleroPlease forgive me for that picture. The bolero is part of my wedding day outfit which means Mr. Lox has no interest in seeing it. So I had to lock myself in the bedroom to take the picture. Without help. Also, I left the camera in the living room. Which didn’t occur to me until I had already realized the bolero looked terrible with the tank top straps and besides my dress is strapless and I wanted to simulate that for you. So I had gotten the neck hole of the tank top around my entire torso like a strapless neckline. And hive, I wasn’t going to do all that shimmying again just so I could leave the room to get the real camera. Also, apparently I have unsteady hands. But you get the gist of it, right?

So that’s how I came to get a bolero for my wedding day. Are you wearing anything over your dress? Or changing up your look between the ceremony and the reception? (And if so, how did you handle formal pictures? Some with some without? All one way or the other? Help a gal out here.)


2 Responses to “Covering Up”

  1. Kelly January 14, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    I feel like I say this all the time,we may have been separted at birth. Except I am older than you so I guess that doesn’t work. I have been look at these boleros for ages. Can you let me know how difficult it was and how you feel the bolero fits?

    • Encore Bride January 14, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

      Of course! I picked the bolero I wanted and asked the seller if it could be made in a custom size for me. (I’m larger than her standard sizes.) She said it wasn’t a problem and just asked for two measurements, my upper arm and a chest measurement from about bra band height. I gave her those, and she sent me the bolero. I think it fits really well too! (My biggest fear was that I had measured wrong.)

      Easy peasy, just make sure you allow time for it to be made and shipped. That particular seller is in Israel so it kind of feels like the items come by pony express due to the joys of international shipping.

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