Please don’t mock my mock-up

18 Jan

So here’s the thing. I’ve had this centerpiece mock-up in my head for months now. I had it even before we switched venues. I showed it to the owner of the Vandiver at our initial meeting. I showed it to their event coordinator after I moved. I showed it to my DOC when I hired her (before the venue switch as well). I’ve shown it to some of my friends. And of course, Mr. Lox and I have looked at it in person from every angle.

But… showing it to the hive is, well, intimidating, you know? There is more creativity in the hive than I could ever even hope to match. And so, even though Mr. Lox and I have declared this good, showing it to you is still a wee bit scary. But in the end, I trust you all too. So here we go. The long overdue centerpiece mockup pictures. (I even took fresh shots just for you!)

You should be honored. I totally busted out the real camera just for you. Now let me set the scene. Remember our tables will be set with fuchsia tablecloths and white overlays. Hence the sad sack white towel substitute you see here. Also not pictures are the fresh rose petals we ordered from the florist. Those will be hot pink and orange and scattered on the pink napkin there. This is what I consider to be the “front”. Which is, of course, ridiculous as this thing will be viewed from all angles.

From the backAnd from the “back”. I still think it’s holding up so that’s good. How about a view of how it looks before the guests sit down?

From aboveRight. So there it is. Please don’t mock my mock-up! Now that we’ve seen it from all angles, want to know what it took to make that?

First off, you already recognize the tissue paper pomanders, flower balls, and candles and candle holders. The napkin underneath was part of a lot I bought from another bride. I have 60 pink and 60 orange, which is way more than the number of guests I’ll have. And for the record, I’ll have pink napkins under the centerpieces with orange pomanders, and orange napkins under the pink ones. The other vases and the glass stones in the bottom of each of them are from the Dollar Tree. And as we already talked about, the rose petals are missing from the picture. Also, the candles would actually be lit.

So, gently now dear hive, what do you think of my homemade centerpieces?


4 Responses to “Please don’t mock my mock-up”

  1. Kelly January 19, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    So festive and bright. It makes me feel all happy.

  2. Encore Bride January 19, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    Yes! That’s exactly what I wanted. That happy bright kind of feeling for our happy bright day! (And thanks for not pointing and laughing. It was scary to post this!)

  3. Kelly January 20, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    I would never point and laugh. I would drsg you quietly into the corner, look you in the eye and say “seriouly, really” and you would say ” yes really I LOVE these things and they are perfect for me no matter what you think” then we would look at each other and fall onto the floor with gales of laughter. OMG what is wrong with me this morning?

    • Kelly January 20, 2011 at 8:35 am #

      Drag not drsg.. like I said there is something seriously wrong with me today.

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