Don’t forget to flush

21 Jan

So, a while ago the hive convinced me that videography is pretty important most of the time. And then, trough the hive, I discovered a videographer whose style is perfect and who was in my price range! I was sure it was serendipity. Well, and the awesomosity of Wedding Bee.

As you can see, I was excited. Ecstatic even. But I had one more hurdle to go. (Or so I thought.) I had to get Mr. Lox to buy into videography, quite literally. One weekend as we were setting off to go somewhere in the car together, I carefully brought it up to him. I tried to be neutral and honestly see where he is on the issue, because I truly didn’t want him to feel bullied or pushed into this. He listened and turned to me at the next red light. And asked how much.

I’m sure there were a lot of things I thought he might say here… “You want to spend more money???” or “Will you drop this already?” But instead he said… “How much will it cost?”

Okay, so this could still lead somewhere bad. So I quoted him the price from the vendor the hive sent me. He shrugged and told me sure, book them. He thought I was going to quote a much higher number. The price was fine. Go for it. I was surprised. When we got home I gave him another chance to change his mind when I asked if he wanted to see an example. He was game, so I showed him another bride’s video. He liked it! I was getting my videographer!

The next day I was so excited! I fired off an inquiry to the vendor first thing. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. I believe I then waited some more. Okay, I really only waited for five days. But seriously, five days without even a how-de-do? So I emailed again, gently reminding them that this was my second request.

You already got the waiting routine down. I waited another three days until I realized I wasn’t going to get an answer. Not ever. And my dream of a beautiful highlight video and ceremony and reception footage was in the crapper.


Woman in Wedding Dress in Bathroom

This is how I feel, pictured with the aforementioned crapper. Click for source.



I have since mounted a search. And it seems there are two kinds of videographers in my general vicinity. Those that I can afford but don’t like. And those that I like but can’t afford. Wait, I lied… there are three. The third is the kind I like and can afford but that can’t be bothered to get back to me. Three types then.

So now I’m just kind of sad and defeated. I get that I could have raw footage for cheap. But what I really want is some edited footage and then a gorgeous highlight video set to music. And if that’s not going to come, then I’d rather not spend on something else. And I can’t ask a friend. I mean, I could. But I don’t want to have someone staring at the day through a lens instead of experiencing it firsthand. So I think my dream has slipped through my fingers. And I am sad sad sad.

Did you ever have a vendor just completely flake out? Tell me I’m not alone here.


2 Responses to “Don’t forget to flush”

  1. Leana January 23, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    Oh no, I cannot believe they didn’t get back to you! Maybe they didn’t get the e-mail? I remember trying to contact a florist and I never heard anything back. Two weeks later I got a message that Blackberry had been unable to deliver the message. I left it at that as I didn’t want to work so hard to track her down. But maybe you have another way to get a hold of this vendor just in case the e-mail didn’t go through?

  2. Encore Bride January 23, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    It seems it might be a blessing. I talked to some other local brides and found out they don’t have a wonderful reputation. Hard to imagine with their stellar customer service, right? 😉

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