Engraved in my heart? Or not?

23 Jan

So remember when I ordered Mr. Lox’s wedding ring? Just in case you didn’t, here’s a reminder…

Detail shot of his ringThat’s me holding the ring, for the record. That being said, I got a call a little while ago. His ring is in. Now we need to go, make sure it fits, and possibly pick it up. And of course now that it’s here, I remember the obsession I’ve always had with engraving a ring. I mean, you’d think since this is the third time I’ve bought one of these bad boys, that I’d have satisfied my engraving urge before. But…. well, I never have.

So now the ring is here. And I’m wondering, do I want to engrave it? Or is the existing detailing enough stuff already hidden inside of his ring? And if I decide I do want to engrave it, what will it say? And ho do I keep it as surprise for him?

I mean, I always imagined it would be a secret message from me to him. One that he would see eventually, but not something he would be involved in picking. I never even imagined him knowing I did it before our wedding day. But logistically, that seems like a nightmare. I mean, if we go down to try it on, he’ll know something is up when I don’t walk out with it in my hand, right?

And all of this doesn’t even take into account the fact that  haven’t asked the jewelry store if this is even possible. So, truth be told, I’m leaning towards not engraving. Do you think I’m giving up too special of a detail? Or is this one of those things that only weird people like me obsess over?


2 Responses to “Engraved in my heart? Or not?”

  1. Kelly January 25, 2011 at 9:38 am #

    I don’t think you are obsessing at all, you are just figuring out what is important and necessary for you. We aren’t having engraving because the ring material (tungsten carbide) can not be engraved. One of the reason we picked it is the strength of material and its ability to resist scratches.

  2. Susie February 7, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    We actually got tungsten carbide rings too from a site called Tungsten World, and they offered us laser engraving. I don’t think its the same as regular engraving because it isn’t scratched into the metal but we got our wedding date and it looks really cool. Maybe it’s a personal preference but I would definitely get something engraved, just adds that much more to your ring.

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