Honey, where shall we moon? – Part 2

27 Jan

Right, so last we spoke I had just found a travel agent and filed booking our honeymoon into the to do list. Unfortunately I filed it into Mr. Lox’s to do list, and he is more of a procrastinator than I am. (Take a moment to appreciate that sentiment. Because I am one ugly procrastinator. Mr. Lox’s procrastination is EPIC.) So it languished until I decided to nag him a bit.

I nagged, he said he’d set an appointment, nothing happened. Sure it’s annoying. But honestly, there are so many more annoying things he could decide to do. I accept this about him and we only scrap about it once in a while. So right no appointment. Then I decided it wasn’t crucial yet so I gave up for a while. We’ll call it compromise, even though it’s more likely I got distracted and forgot. 😉

Then Mrs. Brooch posted this. Right away, I knew Mr. Lox would love it. In fact, I was so positive that I didn’t tell him about it for a while. What? Don’t look at me like that. I wanted to decide if I would love it too. I did all the same research Miss Brooch did. After about the 20th glowing review I’d read, I knew this would have enough for both of us. The property is gorgeous, the villas look amazing, and the pool is fantastic. plus there is an apparently awesome chef cooking every single night. So it’s luxurious and some days can be quiet. But it’s also close to all kind of activities that both Mr. Lox and I would love. Plus, it has MONKEYS!

The Miss Brooch chose Costa Rica and booked there. And for about 5 whole seconds, I worried I’d be a total creeper if I copied her honeymoon. On the sixth second, I realized she is awesome and I was being ridiculous. I went home and introduced Mr. Lox to the idea of Oxygen Jungle Villas. And now we have booked our room and our flight.

So it’s official! The Loxes are honeymooning in Costa Rica! Now, who wants to come make sure Mr. Lox gets his passport in time?

What did you ultimately choose for your honeymoon?


One Response to “Honey, where shall we moon? – Part 2”

  1. Kelly January 27, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    Yippee Costa Rica! I hope yo have a spectacular time! We will be spending 3 days in NYC follwed by a cruise where we may or may not ever leave the ship.

    I love that you used “creeper” in your post!

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