Picture This

1 Feb

At the very beginnings of our serious wedding planning, way back before we even had a nifty to do list, I shared an idea for a project with Mr. Lox in hopes he would take it on. It involved visiting a home improvement store so he was all in. (Seriously, he’s that easy.) But, unfortunately, I have different timelines in mind than the poor unsuspecting Mr. Lox. So with the wedding day getting closer and closer, I started to get nervous. That, dear hive, is the story of how I came to nag Mr. Lox into a Lowe’s shop to buy pieces for our fauxtobooth.

Now in the previous months, I had sent him a link to Mrs. Pin Cushion’s lovely contraption. So he was good to go. And we set off to the home improvement shop. Mr. Lox and I invented some dimensions and enlisted the help of a fine young gentlemen in our local Lowe’s. The end result was us leaving the store with 8 5 foot lengths of PVC pipe (10 foot lengths will not fit into my car), 2 elbow joints, 4 T joints and 4 endcaps. While I was figuring out how to document the process for all of you, dear Mr. Lox snuck up behind me and did this…

Didgeridoo to you too!

In case it is unclear, Mr. Lox is making noises like a didgeridoo through a 5 foot length of PVC pipe. If you’re not laughing now, imagine how high I jumped when he did it and that should be good for a giggle or two.

Unfortunately when we got home, we learned that three of our pipes were a different size than the rest and now a return trip to Lowe’s is in order. My PSA for you today is to check all of the sizes on the components before you hit the check out line. Those things have a sneaky habit of being put into the wrong bin and it’s awfully hard to tell 1.5 inch pipe from 1.25 inch pipe when you aren’t paying attention.

Anyhow, after the swap is made, assembly shall begin! I’ll keep you all updated on how that pans out. Frankly Mr. Lox with a hacksaw is a new and frightening proposition. 😉

Does your wedding involve any construction projects?


One Response to “Picture This”

  1. Kelly February 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    I can’t wait to hear more about this project. How you will set up a camera, and all the scary details.

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