Serendipty or insanity? The answer.

3 Feb

So here’s the thing. Not so very long ago, I was super excited with the prospect of helping someone start a business as well as getting some less expensive service on my wedding day. And the truth is, I’d kind of decided to go for it before I hit publish on that post. So I did (go for it, that is).

And I’m not saying that it necessarily was a bad idea. It just turns out that this particular vendor and I didn’t work out. And so I’d like to point out something important to all of you.

Please please please (I cannot possibly say please enough here) do not hire a vendor without a contract. Lucky for me, I learned my lesson a long time ago. (Remember my venue? Right.) But this girl was just starting her business and didn’t understand yet the importance a contract truly has. And that’s fine. But I’m still not hiring a vendor without a contract. Period.

Here is my PSA to the hive. A contract not only protects you, but it protects the vendor as well. It clearly lays out prices so both parties are always on the same page. And it outlines what happens if the customer’s needs change and/or the vendor’s needs change. That way there is never a question of “You said this would cost less!” or “I thought your wedding started at 5:00 not 2:00!” Or worse yet, a vendor never showing up, or showing up only to find another vendor doing their job. Seriously you all, this is important stuff.

A basic contract is easy for a vendor to draft up and should be a baseline requirement for any service you wish to have on your wedding day. You won’t get another chance at this day, so don’t take a gamble and let the chips fall where they may.

As for the original makeup artist? I truly wish her nothing but the best in life and for her business And I honestly hope no one ever has to learn a lesson about the importance of contracts the hard way.

Do you have contracts with all of your vendors?


2 Responses to “Serendipty or insanity? The answer.”

  1. Kelly February 3, 2011 at 11:59 am #

    I hasd a chance to get a super cheap DJ through a friend, but when the said DJ wouldn’t commit and said “just call me a few weeks before the wedding” I almost had a heart attack…. so the DJ search began.When I met Brian and he was dressed appropriately, answered every question I had,didn’t laugh at some of my music suggestions and supplied a contract, I knew he was a keeper.

  2. Miss Lox February 8, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    See? That kind of nonsense never pays. Good for you for taking charge of the situation!

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