Flowers for the mothers

8 Feb

When Mr. Lox and I originally met with our officiant, she asked us if we’d like to honor our mothers by presenting something to them as part of our ceremony. Mr. Lox and I love the idea. It’s a way to honor where we came from and make our moms feel important and a part of the day. I know it’s super important to my mother, and I’m guessing his mother will be touched. Mr. Lox’s mother never got to see his first wedding, so I think this wedding will mean a lot to her and I want her to know how glad we are to have her here.

So our officiant drafted up the ceremony and put in a placeholder for the honoring of our mothers. The place holder says we will give them roses, but of course that’s not necessary. And I got to thinking… wouldn’t it be better to give them something they can have forever? I mean real roses are sweet, but they will eventually die. So what if we gave them something that wouldn’t die?

I thought of all kinds of things. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what they all were right now, while I’m trying to tell you about it. Typical! But the bottom line is that I kind of liked the idea of roses. And then, dear Hive, I saw these by our very own hive member sunstar…

Coffee Filter RosesCoffee filter roses. And look how real they look! They are clearly perfect. All the beauty of a real rose, with none of the short lifespan. I promptly sent Mr. Lox out for coffee filters and was happy to find I had everything else necessary already. I followed the link to the Martha Stewart tutorial and made up templates for the petals. I was so impressed with me. And then I made one. It was… okay. So I tried again. Still…. okay. Not good. Not great. Not anything as awesome as sunstar made. Just…. meh. See for yourself.

My RosesMy Roses AgainI mean, I get it. They’re not actually bad. But they’re not actually good either. And when you figure into the equation the fact that I’m a menace with a paint brush… well, you can see this just isn’t a good idea.

So now I’m back to the drawing board. Want to comfort me? Tell me if you’ve ever had a project get scrapped after you realized you’re just not going to be good at it. 🙂


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