A Bee’s Life: Lox Edition

9 Feb

How did I find Weddingbee?

The truth? I really don’t remember. I mean, I remember in general, but not specifically. I’m sure I had been searching for something or other somewhere on the internet. Something wedding related even. And somehow, I landed on a blog (have no idea which one, sorry) talking about Weddingbee. What I do remember is that the author of this particular blog was talking about Bee recaps. And then she went on to talk about why people write wedding blogs at all and pointed out that someone people start blogging just to write for Weddingbee! My curiosity was piqued and I clicked through for my very first glimpse at Weddingbee.

At first I was a little confused, but I caught on quick. Each little icon was a different blogger and they were all talking about weddings! How cool. I remember the first Bees I started to follow along with were Mrs. Locket and Mrs. Cardigan. And the fact that people start blogging just to blog here kept niggling at the corners of my mind.

My Application Story

Really guys, I just couldn’t let it go. The truth is that I’ve been writing on the internet since 1998. For reals. I actually kept an online journal before the word “blog” was even coined. I’m just old school like that. I have had many different outlets for writing on the web since then. And I just kept thinking that I could blog here if I really wanted to. So I cruised over to the application page to see what it took. And then I started my own blog, just for the purpose of blogging here, for the hive.

I dutifully posted every other day until my wedding was exactly 8 months away and then applied. Then I went about the process of convincing myself I wouldn’t be accepted so I wasn’t disappointed when I heard back. Good thing too, because 4 weeks later I got an email from Pengy saying sorry but no dice. She also said I could reapply in four weeks.

So I counted out four weeks on my calendar, made a mental note, and kept on blogging like the little blogger that could. The truth is that I got really into it then. I let myself relax, get a little silly, and just have fun. I posted every other day like clockwork. And when I hit that four week mark, I spiffed up my application a little and sent everything back through. (I do have to tell you, Mrs. Knitting’s Bee’s life post was an eye opener for me though. If I’d known some people are submitting high-tech applications or 7 page word documents, I’d probably have been too intimidated to ever try! My little humble *short* email application seems kind of like a little miracle now for getting me through!)

Then I waited. And I waited. And I waited some more. This was over the holidays so the process was slowed by general holiday madness. Finally I got anxious and sent through a gentle inquiry to make sure I wasn’t lost. I wasn’t, Pengy assured me. They’d be voting soon.

Later that week I was visiting my grandmother for dinner. She stepped out of the room for a moment and I checked my email on my phone. There it was… an email from Pengy. I opened it quickly, like ripping off a band-aid right? Do it fast and it’ll hurt less. Except, it didn’t hurt at all because Pengy said I’d make a great addition to Weddingbee! I was over the moon!

What’s it like being a Bee?

It’s amazing. As I pointed out earlier, I’ve been writing online for a long time. But never have I had the love and support around me that we have here. The Hive is just such an awesome community made up of incredible individuals. You all are supportive when we are down. You offer advice when we ask. You offer gentle suggestions when we don’t. And there are no words to explain how much I appreciate being heard.

Yes, it’s a time commitment. But to be honest, there is no other way I’d rather spend this particular time. And every time I imagine what this experience is adding to our wedding day, I’m humbled. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to be here with all of you. I mean that.

Any advice for potential applicants?

Yes. First and foremost, do what you love. For me, writing is what I love and so this is a natural fit. For you, it should be too. Because this is an undeniable commitment and because you have to be willing to sit down and write several times a week, every week, until your story has been told.

Second, be yourself. If yourself is silly and quirky, let it shine through. If you are more emotional, be willing to expose it. If you are artistic, show us! The blog here is so great because we are all so different. So don’t be afraid to show people what makes you unique. That’s what you have to offer and that’s what people will want to read.

That’s all I’ve got folks. I’ll be here for a while yet, and I’m still excited every time I think about it. Thanks for letting me be a part of all of this. 🙂


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