We have video!

11 Feb

So some time ago, I lamented the lack of videography in our budget. And while some folks are having (or had) no video at their weddings, the majority vote is still for having it. Either you had it and you’re so happy you did, or you didn’t and it’s one of your biggest regrets. And those videos…. they haunted me. I became determined.

Then I found an inexpensive videographer through the hive and tried hooking up with them. Alas, this was not meant to be. The vendor never returned my inquiries and I got frustrated all over again.

One night, I actually snapped. I had come to far to just give up and there simply had to be a solution somewhere. I scoured the internet high and low for a while. And then I found this.

At this point I had already submitted pricing requests to 5 or 6 other vendors. The answer always came back with them already being booked (and no pricing info) or pricing information that was seriously out of my reach. Ho hum. Still, I was pretty immune at this point and I fired an inquiry off to Christina Keane.

What happened next is my own little video miracle! She was available…. and AFFORDABLE. It turns out, she is young and just starting out so her rates are within reach. We set a date to meet, I got her contract, and I wasted no time at all filling it out and returning it to her with my deposit.

Hive, we have video!

Tell me about your personal vendor triumphs. I want to share joy today!


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