How not to budget

20 Feb

Usually I talk about the good. But today is a bit of a darker day so let’s look at the bad and the ugly. Now, I’m not going to lie, it took me a few days to write this post. For some reason, this topic is just a difficult one for me. But here goes nothing!

Our wedding budget was closely tied to some money Mr. Lox thought was headed his way. I’ve scrimped and saved and been budget conscious for almost every single thing we’ve done. But the bottom line is that we were counting on that money to get us through the wedding and honeymoon unscathed.

Bride & Groom Piggy Banks

This is our happy budget look. Click for source.

Today we learned something unpleasant to say the least. Mr. Lox can only get less than half of what we had originally anticipated. Less. Than. Half. And we are left scrambling to find a way to cover all of the expenses we have hanging out there. Now, I think we can get through the wedding itself relatively unscathed. But the honeymoon? You know, the one we’ve bought plane tickets for? Unless they accept Monopoly money, we’re in some kind of trouble.

So, I will admit that I am less than productive in the way I’m handling this. Because I’m panicking. And right this red hot second? I regret the day I thought we should have a real wedding. Right now should be a time for celebrating and being excited and instead, I am panicking and Mr. Lox is stressing.

Add in the rumor of a government furlough, and the panic in Chez Lox has reached new heights.

Busted Budget Piggy

And this is our budget now. Busted. Click for source.

But these are the times you really learn about the stuff your relationship is made of. Let me tell you about this man of mine. He is selling his bike. He thought about getting a second job (until I begged him not to). He made up a budget, that even included a dinner or two out a month so we don’t feel like refugees. He found a way to shoulder the load which will allow me to continue to spend on our DIY projects and last minute efforts. He even made some calls to reassure me that the furlough is unlikely.

But the bottom line remains. I don’t know if we’re going be able to fund both the wedding and the honeymoon. But I’m doing my best to squish down my fears, work on saving, and try to believe this is all going to be okay.

Did your budget run like a well-oiled machine or did you hit some bumps in the road?


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