Bless my mess!

1 Mar

I know one of the things the hive is interested in is how we keep ourselves organized throughout the planning process. So today as I sat down to destroy my dining room knock out a DIY project (more on that another day), I figured I would take some pictures of our storage space before I messed it up started.

First of all, you should know that Miss Cotton Candy totally put me to shame with her super organized self in a tiny space. Truth is, my apartment is roughly twice the size of hers. And while our closets are full, she is probably going to throw a shoe at my head when she reads this. But darn it, we didn’t have crafting space built into our lives when I suddenly decided I loved paper and wanted to DIY a bunch of wedding things!

So what’s a girl to do? Well, we bought this lovely dining room table and chairs shortly after we moved in, and settled into a routine of eating dinner together, at the table, with the TV off. I loved that ritual. Sadly, the table has now become wedding craft and scrapbooking central. And we eat all of our meals on the couch.

Our dining room once looked like this…

Nice ordlery dining roomIt’s so pretty and serene. Ahhhh yes… I remember those days. Now this is what counts as a good day…

Wide angle chaosLet’s take a closer look, shall we?

StorageThe large blue bin in this picture holds all of my completed projects as well as the cloth napkins I bought from another bride and a very few supplies. The three purple bins on top of it are full of scrapbooking supplies, many of which double as wedding craft supplies. The suitcase there is overflow storage for some paper (including scraps), my paper cutter, and cutting mats. The purple box on tops of the suitcase has finished scrapbook pages that don’t have a home in an album yet, and the towels on tops of that are used to protect the dining room table while I’m working. The shoebox on the chair next to that has a few Cricut cartridges (why do I have those?) and Xyron Creatopia supplies include in addition cutting blades, embossing patterns, and dies.

More storageWhat’s that on top of the bookcase? Dude, I’m not sure even I know the answer to that question. The vases I’ve bought so far are all there, candles and candle holders. There is one giant white practice pom, stones for the ceremony, our assembled invites (what???), and some fabric that is not large enough to be our fauxtobooth backdrop. All the way to the right, you can sort of see the inserts for the Xyron Creatopia as well as whole page embossing templates. And even further to the right you, see the Kitten Loxy.

Still more storage Way up there on top of the other all bookcases, there are yet more things stashed. To the left is my Xyron Creatopia. And to the right is the Cricut I swore I wasn’t going to buy! Ooops. Also on the floor on the right of the bookcases and before the brown chair, is another blue bin you can just barely sort of see. That one is full of all kinds of scrapbooking supplies. Cricut cartridges, tons of paper, and a whole ton of other things that escape me right now. It’s pretty full.

So that’s the crafting area in Chez Lox, complete with feline companions. (Cat Lox was under the table contemplating my feet as toys while I took these pictures. She managed to hide from the camera though.)

Have you had to figure out how to cram a crafting corner into an already full space? How did you manage it?


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