All Tuxed Away

7 Mar

With my attire all squared away, and roughly two months until our wedding, it was time. Time to dress up Mr. Lox that is! We had talked about this quite a bit in Chez Lox and I wasn’t sure we were going to come to an agreement.

My first suggestion was for Mr. Lox to just wear a suit he already has. I mean, we have no bridal party so it’s not like there’s anyone to match. And since we are getting married outside in the afternoon, this really isn’t a super formal type wedding. I figured this was a place we could cut a corner since Mr. Lox already owns several very nice suits. However, I was instantly overruled. Well, okay then.

So then it was time to look at actual tuxes. But again, afternoon outside wedding does not equal a super formal event. So I was struggling to figure out how to fit Mr. Lox’s desire for a tux into that scheme. Enter the world of non-black tuxes!

It didn’t take me long to realize that a gray tux might be the answer for both of us. At first I wasn’t sure Mr. Lox was going to go for it, but he came around. We were both on board the gray tux train and leaving the station.

The next thing that happened was funny. Clearly, I am not a guy nor do I know all about guy stuff. As we pulled into the parking lot of Men’s Wearhouse on Saturday, I told Mr. Lox we were really pressed for time (it was an errand running extravaganza, I tell you) and I was worried we wouldn’t get it done in time. He looked at me like I had five heads. And one of them might have had a tree growing out of its nose. So I checked my nose just to be sure, and we headed in.

Clearly, Mr. Lox knew how this would go. About 20 minutes later we left the store with the deposit made and the receipt in hand. Our other errands were undisrupted by this and all was well and good. So what did we end up with?

Calvin Klein Gray Two-Button Super 110s Satin Edge Peak Lapel Tuxedo

Click for source.

That’s the general idea. Mr. Lox will be wearing this tux with the vest and tie pictured. He will have a pale pink pocket square and possibly a pale pink shirt. (Please to be noting, I am now rethinking his socks. Doh!) And, of course, black shoes and the orange and yellow bout we’ve already ordered for him.

So there you have it. Mr. Lox is taken care of and ready to roll.

How are the men in your wedding dressing?


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