In case of rain

8 Mar

So, a Sunday afternoon wedding in the May sunshine sounds gorgeous, right? I mean, even if you don’t think so you can surely imagine why I might. I’m going to pretend you are all nodding and smiling right now. Let’s keep going.

So right, gorgeous idea. Except… if it rains. Now, our venue has an excellent rain plan. If you recall, our reception will be in a permanent pavilion structure behind the B&B. Here’s a refresher.

The inside of the pavilion

The inside of the pavilion

Pavilion from the outside

The pavilion from the outside.

The wedding will also be taking place in there in case of rain. Then the space will be flipped while we are all at cocktail hour.

So right, I’m not worried about the ceremony at all. What I’m worried about, of course, are the pictures. Like the awesome ones we envision by this lighthouse.


Pictures by a lighthouse? Yes please!

But what will happen to those if it rains? Well, I don’t exactly know. We’re thinking of having our first look in that general area. And even if not there, the fact is, it’ll have to be somewhere outdoors. The B&B is not conducive to an indoor private space for such a thing. So how will I keep us from getting wet?

With cute umbrellas for both of us first! Much like the sock hunt, I searched and searched for umbrellas and then I searched some more. Here’s a tip, if you want an umbrella for a man that has any kind of pattern to it (especially in orange) you’re going to be wanting for a while. However, if you can compromise just a little, you could find something like this:

Orange duck umbrella

Click for source

So cute! Right? But won’t it be plain and sad next to my patterned pink umbrella? Not if I’m carrying this…

Pink duck umbrella

Click for source

Double cute! Plus these umbrellas are slightly wider than your average umbrella so they’ll offer more protection for my poofy skirt. Win! But what about my tootsies? I mean, men’s dress shoes are full coverage so Mr. Lox’s feet will be just fine. But my cute sparkly flats will definitely not be okay. What to do?

Pink leopard rain boots!

Click for source

Seriously, you have no idea how jazzed I am about these stinkin’ boots. First of all, I mean just look at them. OMG, right? Second, none of these things are wedding only purchases. We can use these umbrellas and the rainboots in our regular lives regardless of whether or not it rains on our wedding day. So they are practical. (Also, while I did not buy the rainboots from the above link, I did get them on half price sale. Cute + on sale = double win!) And I’m just stupidly excited about an excuse to ever pop on pink leopard rainboots. I mean, look at them!

So anyway, that is the Lox plan for handling rain. When in doubt, buy cute accessories!

Do you have a rain plan?


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