For the love of socks

12 Mar

You know what? I’m ready to admit it. I have been beaten by socks. That’s right. Socks. When last we spoke, Mr. Lox and I were irrationally battling over this. And now, now…. I surrender. Do you hear me SOCKS**????? I surrender!

Let’s revisit our little sock tantrum here. First, I bought the lady socks…


Lady Socks

Click for source

Objects on your monitor may not be the color they actually appear. As in, those are not orange and yellow argyle. In real life, they were girly knee socks in orange and green. mr. Lox would have worn them if I forced him, but I am not that girl. Even though I act like her sometimes. 😉


Then hive member Chocolatte kindly showed me these. Go ahead and look, I’ll wait…… okay. So they’re perfect right? I mean perfect. I bought them and did a happy dance all over my living room. But do you remember our last lesson? With the not yellow in the lady socks? Despite the fact that the sock description here said red, I forged ahead. I mean, they were clearly pink on every monitor I had access to. They came this week. Here they are…

Red orange & yellow argyle socksSo they look pink to you now? Yeah, I know. Stupid question. The socks…. they are really, definitely, and indisputably red. I gave them to Mr. Lox anyway to enjoy on other days that are not our wedding day.

So… where does that leave me? Without socks that’s where! Hive, I gave up. Argyle was not in the cards for me. And nothing I’d bought or seen would have been good with Mr. Lox’s tux. So I went online and made one final sock purchase that I know will be safe, will be made for men, and will go nicely with Mr. Lox’s new look. I ordered plain pale pink socks for him. Not argyle, but still a fun color and will not fail like the two now defunct argyle purchases I made.

I am so over socks!

Was there a wedding purchase that defeated you? What did you do in the end?



**Not to be confused with the beautiful and kind Mrs. Socks. We’re strictly talking footwear here.


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